Cloud world: Pirate Cove


Eh, idk about TJ, but I kinda want to kill you. :wink:


Thanks cockroach! Glad to see you’re on board! Ish.


bruh, tj… you need to stop being #1 on peoples top ten most wanted lists


Either ya love me or Ya hate me nj. Ya can’t be in-between, lol.


T.J… Why are you running two servers at once?


Yeah TJ, why aren’t you running three worlds?


Oh gosh. That’s a tough one Milla. Well, for starters, Cameron343 is pretty much running Crystal Seas for me. Secondly, I’m devoting a lot of time keeping both PC and TNR running and operable. It’s just like, a lot of work. Third, I like to have original ideas when starting a server, and those are what I don’t have right now. :stuck_out_tongue:




Yeah… I already feel like I’m running ten, lol.


You mean I’m not the only active rebel!!!


Hey other rebels my pirate cove ign is agent pickaxe!!!


Yeah yeah yeah. Your band of 3 rebels vs. my army of 20. Same old, same old.


I wonder how you manage all this! Hosting servers. Organizing events. And participating and recruiting for the blocklympics!


The nice thing is that Pirate Cive seems to be able to run itself fairly well. Even while I’m away, I have a pretty great player base on it that handles things. Events usually come to me. :stuck_out_tongue: And yeah, go Blocklympics!


The Date for the BlockLympics is March 10-17! Hope you win an Award!


Ok guys. By now many of you have heard that I have opened up two servers, right? They are Pirate Cove and Crystal Seas. Currently CS isn’t get near the amount of attention it needs, so I’ve created a poll. Should I create a separate thread for CS while keeping this one for PC, or should I make one new thread, shut this one down, and keep them under one “network” to hopefully keep things a little bit more organized? I personally would like to make a new thread, label it Cloud Network: Aquaneer Servers, and put both servers under one thread. Let’s see what you guys think!


They need to have separate threads.


Ok Milla. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I’ll work on the thread and hopefully it’ll be done writing the new message by the end of the day.


Yacht Crafter, I would like to report a complaint not concerning this from one of my associates on your pirate cove server

He says he was in the middle of a fight with stace’s iPod who attacked him first, and about 10 minutes later still in the fight his iPod died and when he got back on he was banned

Like my drawings?


I found an illegal safe at spawn!!!


Could you please give me his username so I can do some more investigation?