Cloud world: Pirate Cove


People try to kill me near spawn


A new rule they made was pvp at spawn

Being in space is fun!!!


Aww. But thanks for the update


No problem
(Even though when I first got on when that rule was made, I had just respawned and 3 people went after me

Being in space is fun!!!


I spawned in and all the other people attacked me. And I really like the tulip hybrid! So cool!


I don’t think it’s a new rule… That’s rule has been around since well, forever.


Since the thread for crystal seas isn’t created yet, I’ll post it here.

I saw someone draining the water under a bridge (awesome bridge btw). Was he supposed to be doing that?


Yeah, he was. I paid him to do it.


Ah, okay. :slight_smile:


Look what I did to paridise pines

I’m too awesome for you TJ so surrender!!!


Uh… SERIOUSLY man? There were ownership signs there for a reason! And if wasn’t even mine! Mcsplodey built that as a park for the server where people could get resources… And you burnt the place down? Like, seriously man? Congratulations for destroying a place that helps travelers survive. You should be proud of yourself.


I just wanted to see a huge campfire.


Some things just arent funny. This is one of those things. Mcsplodey built it to be nice and helpful to everyone. I don’t see how burning it down was in any way beneficial or humorous.

T.j., when I get on i’ll help rebuild. Probably not with wood this time, maybe limestone/sandstone painted brown?


We could probably just spam the place with ownership signs. :stuck_out_tongue: This time there can’t be any leaves hanging outside of Em


For anyone who wants to feel a bit of nostalgia, I’ve booted up the old version of pirate cove for the weekend.


Hm. I guess it’s to late.


ZOPPPPPPY, I never knew you even played anymore. ah…remember the names we would call you…good times…good times…


Erm, who excactly are you?


She’s Impact (it’s in her signature).


Finnaly an enemy from the good old days, or were you an ally.

It’s been sooo long.