Cloud world: Pirate Cove


Oh, alright. I’m using Tapatalk, so I couldnt see the signature.


You’ll want to remove the Tapatalk signature, as they’re not allowed anymore.


Thank you for warning me.


Gosh, I really don’t know why I even check the forum sometimes. I still see that people are talking about Pirate Cove long after I’m gone, and then NJ even tried to nominate me for the hall of fame. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly go a day without thinking about you guys still. There are also times when I wonder if quitting was really the right thing to do. One of my friends, when he learned I quit, asked me “Dude! Why!?!?!? You were like, the best player ever! You had everything!” And that’s just it, I did have everything. Everything I ever could have wanted from this game. I was a beta tester, had not one, but two servers, one of which was said to be the best PVP server on multiple threads. I was one of the longest players of the game. I knew virtually everyone.

So then I just went in and threw it all away. Don’t get me wrong, many of you guys are great people, but there’s just something about having a friend you can actually see. Somebody you can to see a movie with, or get laughed at by. Somebody to give you grief because you told him you had a crush on the goal, and hen to help you out in every way possible. Somebody to help you make t-shirts saying we’ll miss our band director who’s quitting this year. You guys were all great, but none of you could have given me what I needed there. The more I think about it, the more I notice how this game took over my life. Just a few months of quitting and my grades have already gotten better. I have friends that I talk to almost every day. I’m getting close to having my first girlfriend (I think. Still don’t really have girls figured out lol). And then that leads me to think, where would I be if I never saw the blockheads on the App Store. If I never downloaded the game in the first place.

I should say though, that this game taught me many things about myself. I learned that I was pretty good at leading people, hence the army and servers I made. :stuck_out_tongue: I also learned that I could be a dab apathetic at times, too. So I fixed that. I started caring about people and things a little more. Remember back in that first paragraph how I talked about how there was something about a friend you could actually see and go to a movie with? Well, you can’t exactly go to a movie with me, but you can see me. So, here we go.

I should mention, that is not the best picture I’ve ever had taken of me lol. A few friends had my phone and just started taking pictures. But anyways, I figured it’s about time you guys saw me for who I really am. I’m done hiding behind my phone screen. I’ve talked about why I left many times before, but I guess I never left with a face you could see. So, there’s my face. Usually I’m a little less… Distorted, for a lack of good words. Anyways, yeah. Once again, I’ll be here for a few days to talk if anybody wants to.


All of your “I miss you but never coming back” posts are really long, lol. You know you wanna get the game again. I’ve been keeping the server semi-active for you :stuck_out_tongue:
But really man, we’ve been missing you


Well, each of Em have their own purpose at least. Maybe over the summer I’ll come back. Idk. It just depends on how things go.


I can work with that. Fingers crossed!


I know what you mean, T.J.
For me, though, it’s hard to have friends in real life, mostly because of college. The only person I’m truly close with is my roommate. Even then, we don’t get much time to hang out.
It is nice to have friends on here, but I wish I could see all of them, like you mentioned.

I do miss you, tj (we all do!), but I understand why you left, and I am happy things are going great for you!
If I was in your position, I would have done the same.
Still, it’s nice to hear from you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, thanks Cassia. :slight_smile: I really should post a little bit more. Idk. The more I do post the harder it is to get away. A lot of you guys really are good people. I should mention, I play Clash of Clans. It’s pretty much the only online game I still do play. So I mean, if anybody really wants to see me I’ll be Sheldon (I was on a Big Bang theory hype) in the Atlantean Navy. Right now I just can’t see myself coming back here. Maybe later. Maybe.


Pirate cove just isn’t the same without chubbii signs all over spawn (darn u owner signs). Hope I see u soon.


You’re supposed to never come back, camel! Darn. You need to learn to stick to your words.

:3 Good to see that you’re alive.


Actually fifth, T.J. secretly ran away to the South Pole to spy on penguin activity. This is really his brother. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol , I hope your not thinking about placing chubii signs. At spawn


We really have missed you. I’ve been trying to keep in touch with the other people, but it has been hard. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should come back some time dood. Tbh not a lot has happened since you left, so there isn’t much to fill you in on


Meh, good riddance I say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, that was mean… And untrue. We really do miss you. Come back and keep me out of trouble, wouldya?


Haha long time no see Joe


Back at you NJ! Good to see you poking you head back in. If your still looking for a server, I’ve ben hanging out on Survive with Style. Just do a search. It’s a WFS server though, so no PCs and no trade portals. A few more rules that make it challenging. Not for everyone, I admit, but I’ve seen Zopp and Cockroachcomics there too. Just FYI.


I get it Zopp, I really do. Honestly NJ, I can’t see myself coming back. Or doing much online gaming for a while outside of Clash for the fact of the matter.

@Joe great to see Ya mate! About coming back, idk. I really don’t. Let me see where the rest of this school year takes me, ok? I have a bunch of plans for the summer and I need to see how I end up doing.


Well apparently dave stopped working on bh, according to buddy. If he is gone for too long, there may not be a game to come back to.