Cloud world: Pirate Cove


Don’t come back to anyone but you, TJ. We miss you, but you seem to be thriving away from The Blockheads, and your school and personal life is so much more important than us missing you!

He hasn’t definitely stopped for good. He’s just hit a bit of a wall, and his kids are so awesome (missed seeing the younger yesterday, but they’re growing up so fast!), and the surf has been good, and summer here is almost always fantastic. It’s not surprising he feels no desire to sit at his computer…that said, have you seen the view from his office? I posted it to our Instagram last night. Gorgeous view!


What is the username, I’m curious



BTW the Dave semi-retirement post is here:


Yeah, I’ll be gone the latter part of August. As it turns out, summer in the Caribbean is pretty nice too! :slight_smile:


you are so lucky!


Well, I think we all know the answer now. Thanks so much for that last post Milla. :slight_smile: That is exactly what I needed. Everybody here is great, don’t get me wrong, and I really will miss you all. But now that you said that Milla, well, thanks. That was perfect.


Be well, happy, and successful, TJ!


Er today I saw Tj on in pirate cove well not exactly a chat message that said hi .
So I don’t think he’s actually gone and yes we do much you but your life’s more important


It wasn’t me. I promise you that much. I’ve deleted the app and haven’t seen it for a long time. Anyways, yeah.


Hmmm, so I found herobrine of the blockheads :rolleyes:
Tj himself…?
Do remember the picture was black with a design instead of your usual pic , wait I forgot your usual pic but I do remember it wasn’t black.
Unanswered mystery of the blockheads.?
Pikeman,(I) can’t figure it out

Theory number 1:arkangel admined an imposter accidently
Theory number 2:it’s the ghost of TJs blockheads he deleted and they are so consumed with rage they became one single account and is trying to kill people
Theory number 3:I was halluicating(no doubt that’s everyone’s gonna suggest
Theory number 4:server flash back
Theory number 5:some body used TJs account
Theory number 6:a hacker
Theory number 7:I am making up a creepy pasta so to get famous. Trust me on this one that’s not my intention

To prove Im sane when I thought up these theories 1+1=2


I have recently remembered the ancient server of pirate cove, the birthplace of the FCI/IMPERIVM ROMANVM gaming clan. Anybody remember it? If so list your old brigade and stories.

My old brigade was “the navy” a clan that would carry on to survive unto this very day. (if anyone used to be in “the navy” tell meh)

I used to fight nestea as my arch nemesis, and even fought TJ (and lost).


Oh, yes, I remember Ferrum, that unique empire with its fully orchestral, lyricless anthem. Truly unlike any other!


To be fair, Spain’s national anthem has no lyrics either. Probably a few other countries, too, but I haven’t heard of them.

I remember when Pirate Cove was around, but I never actually played on it.


This thread was mainly about pirate cove, not the FCI

I was just telling my experiences there as the “ancient history” part shows pretty much all of it.


Is there any reason why this isn’t in the world thread for pirate cove?


because that thread is almost 5 years old and it would be major gravedigging, now I remember why I used to consider you my nemesis, I can’t win, if I had posted this there I would have been warned for gravedigging like I was warned here for not gravedigging


World threads are exempt from the rules about resurrection.


oh, good to know


No, but Ferrum’s anthem is an ochestral composition inspired by the natural wonders of the iron element and highlights its low resistance to atmospheric oxygen. Now that is truly extraordinary, come on!