Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


Pixmilla is a world I created in order to try doing pixel art. I found that not only am I not terribly good at it, but I don’t enjoy doing it either, so it’s for all those out there with a talent for, a desire to learn to, or a need for space to practice building pixel art. I am a member of the Blockheads team, which means I don’t have time to play on this world much. I have an awesome staff though :slight_smile:

Update 17 May 2017: Password added (notmyfault).
Update 19 May 2017: Named players with admin.
Update 26 May 2017: Rolled back to fix spawn.
Update: 13 July 2017: Disabled password and whitelisted to try and keep childish vandals from griefing. Post with your IGN to be whitelisted.

NOTE: Admins please don’t whitelist. I have access to cloud and forums accounts for all applicants and can vet them in a way you can’t. We don’t want silly little griefer boys getting in!

It is a custom world with free trade portals, no degradation of clothes or tools, no death, no hunger, passive mobs, etc. to facilitate creativity.

  • You may build where you like, but please be considerate of others, by not building too close to anyone else’s art. Give them a large margin, as their build may be incomplete and need to spread further, meaning your own build will be destroyed. Precedence wins, but if they’re around ask them how much space they need beyond the current border of their build.My dragon is complete. Give it 20 blocks in each direction, including down.

  • No griefing, bad language, adult content, roleplaying, rudeness, or sharing of personal information.

  • Please report any breaches of these policies to me in this thread, unless you need to name names. In that case PM me. Also, these are my admins:

Mighty Mack

Please treat them as you would treat me. They all have my trust, and have absolute authority on my world.

If you need a protection sign please post in here @ an admin or myself asking for one, and telling/showing me where it should go.

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Have you thought about staff?
Never mind.


Please see my OP.


history broke.


Aw. Your pixel art is quite good!


@milla please protect this, it’s above spawn and a couple of blocks to the right.


So you DID make it! Nice!

Are the portals gone now?


Yes, she did a rollback, so most everything’s been erased.





And I’ve made some pixel art already!
…Okay, it’s really just a crappy glass circle around an island.


@milla someone lagged it bad they said they didn’t mean to but it’s super lagggggggy

Edit: someone keeps hacking tps cos the one at spawn we can’t use for some reason and they cussed (same person)


I can help with the circle. :slight_smile:


Aaah ok! Thx for clarifying that! I thought someone was maybe impersonating u because OF COURSE u know how ppl like to do that. But now i know for sure! :slight_smile:


I think it is nice to have a cloud server owned by milla open to the public. :slight_smile:

I was wanting to try making some pixel art sometime. Maybe I will here! :smiley:


Yeah. :slight_smile:

Milla has a nice server.

I think i need to not make ships anymore. I’ll stick with my industrial indestructible material. I’ll just break a bunch of my cups and turn them into marble. Easy!

The same person said that they were impersonated. (Well, got their device ‘stolen’) It wasn’t them.


Someone bought alot of stuff and threw it on the ground there going to clean it up rn

EDIT: nvm i cant it wont let me pick any of it up :unamused:


There were many portals and trade portals floating on the ground too.


Grived. Blockheads would be destoryed if we DIDNT have “protection signs”


Hey @SHAHMMM, saw you in Pixmilla yesterday XD


Does that have to do with anything in this thread? XD