Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


Help! There is a fake Blocky1!


I have an art I want someone to protect. It is a red knex piece 10 tc from spawn, about 30 blocks up. I wanted to put a picture by it, but it crashed. (More about it in a different thread. I will link that thread once I get on a computer) Anyway, here are a few pics:


I put a ownership sign on it just now. Let me know if you want it moved. :slight_smile:


Thanks! There will probably be more knex art soon.


I’d like to be whitelisted so I can look around. IGN: Fleur de Reve


This is something to PM me about :slight_smile:

@Cate done


Is it fine to build structures that incorporate pixel art? I have a slight idea, but I’m not sure if:
A) I could find the right terrain as a foundation
B) It’s allowed
C) I could actually do it
D) Anyone would even like it, or understand what it might be
E) IThe Order of Motions can be used here
F) I could figure out how in the heck to make banners


Yes, that’s fine :slight_smile:


Now let’s hope I can find a moderately steep plateau…


I build it in my friends sever and would love to build it in yours

Sorry I mistakenly deleted my comment :sweat_smile:
I would love it if u could add me to the whitelist so I could build this (my username is julia667)


THat us good @Julia667


Thanks! I’m glad you like it I’m sure you do great pixel arts! @OSHAOSHAWOT


Can I be whitelisted please :heart:️:x::o:️:x::o:️,


May I please be whitelisted?

IGN: candi_grrrl



So, found a nicely sloping hill, yet discovered too late that Thuthu had beat me to it. And with a Banksy, no less.

So I traveled a bit more and did some improvised terraforming, thinking I’ll start the first bit of successful pixel-arting soon. Though I would like to ask if protection signs could be placed on these blocks of stone:

I’m just hoping I remembered the field area correctly.

My glorified hill is rather close to the 100 tc marker, if that helps at all.

Also, would it be okay for me to sort-of copy your dragon, Milla? Or not at all?


I’d like to be whitelisted!



Mind adding me to the whitelist? I love pixel art, and I would love to help!

IGN: HarlsYerGurl


Milla, could you whitelist me?

Have we found the hacker yet?


May I be whitelisted?

My username is: “PRIMS SISTER :)”


What’s your IGN?

Added, PRIMS SISTER :slight_smile: