Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


You told her to whitelist Loganisgreat with no spaces, that’s why.


Oh that’s my forum name ! I get usernames and passwords mixed up a lot


If you don’t tell me the correct name to whitelist it won’t get whitelisted. It’s not rocket surgery :slight_smile:


Can I please join Pixmilla? My IGN is Ender_Rivka




Honestly I forgotten about this world. I could visit it

May you whitelist -killerender- ? Please :slight_smile:


Done :slight_smile:


This is the beautiful server i saw and the others too im not forgetting it :smiley:


All the beauty comes from the people of this community. I love to see what they pull off :slight_smile:


Just wondering? What time do you or others normally play pixamilla? Every time I go on no one is there?


Whenever someone chooses to. :grin:


I don’t think it’s in use a lot right now. Maybe coordinate in this thread to play together.


I have not been on yet…
Gotta remember to do it this weekend


Maybe i’ll make some pixel art after making a jet pack.


I would come on this weekend, a group pixel art build might be fun if anyone’s interested.


Im in i like making pixel art :slight_smile:


Good idea!


Sure, we need to arrange a time and date then :slight_smile: I’ll make private a chat for anyone interested so we can choose a build.


TheFoil is whitelisted.


You guys mind sending me updates on the pixel art in this world? Cuz I haven’t played in about two months