Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


I tried to come on, but it didn’t work(pretty sure it was the internet’s fault)
Also my IGN is my Mariocraft2018


If milla hasn’t whitelisted you yet, that’s why.


Yeah that makes sense


@milla can you whitelist me? IGN is in previous post.


She’s not going to be as active on the forums right now, repeatedly asking won’t speed up the process of getting whitelisted.


Done. Also, what Brer-Rabbit said :slight_smile:


Thanks :wink: :+1:


Is anyone able to protect this?

I originally intended to make a drawing out of this, but didn’t get around to it, and ended up building it instead. It’s 84 tc left of spawn. I’ve placed a portal in a building nearby (if that helps) IGN to protect it under is Testif-Undsian.

And Pixmilla is remarkably lonely at the moment… It’s actually just a tad eerie.



Good job. It’s now protected and so is your build next to it.


Im trusted make me a admin XD JK


Lol :smirk_cat: and testif cool pixel arts liked :heart_eyes_cat::smile_cat:


Yea, its a shame. I have only see 3 different people on pixmilla before. And sometimes I don’t see anyone at all.


Besides my pixel art, I have built yet another thing. Behold, The Hall!
I originally planned for it to be a showy hilly region for pixel art and a bunker, then decided to further terraform it and make a palace of dirt for milla. Eventually I figured it could just be an ‘official’ place to store all those messages people left her and whatnot beneath the spawn.


Do you need this protected as well?


That is the build I protected as well as the pixel art.


Woah! NICE SERVER! I am trusted you can make me ADMIN LOL!



Oh man I only have a few likes left for today and it’s not even noon yet!

These builds are AMAZING!


Seems my Girl With a Pearl Earring is protected, but I’m not the owner. Could someone kindly fix this?


Beautiful painting! This is now fixed.


Could I be whitelisted? IGN: GoodGradesBoy

(Without the space after the colon)

Will be adding a week of credit soon.