Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


Can you whitelist the ign LOGAN IS GREAT


Both added.

Please don’t. You’d be wasting your TCs.



Also will be removing my fountain and my paint shop will be under my Crafting House so spawn isn’t so crowded.


I can’t join…


I don’t think you’ve requested access, have you? The normal procedure is to post in here with your in-game name, asking to be added to the whitelist.


Ueah you can search the server name but you cannot enter the server because its whitelisted only its for the protection from hacker and some troll players. I hope u guys understand. Milla always whitelist some one if u guys ask for your (ign) and Can I be whitelist?


Sorry I didn’t know. My IGN is King_of_boredom plz add me to the whitelist


My ign is Lonely Sociopath
May I be added to whitelist?


Could you whitelist me, Milla? My IGN is ^~Solaría~^


My IGN is •| Rose |•
Could I please be whitelisted


My IGN us Ziameter

May I be whitelisted as I would love to attempt pixel art.


Hello @milla, can I also be whitelisted please? Thank you! My IGN is baama1lama.


Hi milla! Could I be whitelisted?
IGN: LilAngel119


@milla Hey Milla, I think that I am terribly bad at pixel art, but I would like to build some stuff at your server… Could I be whitelisted please?


Don’t worry about that. Some people don’t even build there.


Good point lol. That helped me emotionally :v


My ign is ICECRUSHER653854 plz whitelist me._.


Just gonna drop this here.

My IGN is Santeeisweird9.


Pixmilla trade portals require discovery. That sucks because I amma thinking of making a big project in the future.


I’v changed them to everything available for now. They should work as they did in 1.6.2 unless milla changes it back for some reason.

Build away!