Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


Pixmilla trade portals require discovery. That sucks because I amma thinking of making a big project in the future.


I’v changed them to everything available for now. They should work as they did in 1.6.2 unless milla changes it back for some reason.

Build away!


Can I join? I would love to make pixel art!
IGN: Spinyx


I have a good app for pixel art.If your using iOS,search up pixel art camera or search in on android
Here is the results,I recommend you search up white background on google if your using online.tap on number 8,for easier look


But then you can’t see which color paint to do…


Hmmm,true…I usually use it.but it’s up to milla,I am totally fine with using it and it’s best For scaling good shapes,but colour is not really good.i use my own shadings if I feel the colours are too hard to use.


Milla,may I please join?
I would like to have one of my ideas in
And hoping to have it at pixmilla.
Username: zauks


Sorry but you have to wait for admins or Milla to responded who are already whitelisted.


My IGN is: 99WOLVES17


Awww…waiting while drinking tea and watching a waterfall.relaxing~


My IGN Is woohoogaming13 if it’s not too late. :smile:


I might be quite late, but my IGN is @TZF (with the @)


We have to wait for a few months for this to happen


Is Pixmilla still open? I appear to be unwhitelisted.


I can still get in.


Maybe I typed my name wrong. Trying again.
Edit - Nope.

Also I just found a random picture of my sister staring at me when I went to post that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the hyperlink a mistake?



Looks amazing Foil! Still haven’t gotten to making the yak that I talked about before.


Is it impossible to be whitelisted now?