Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


Yeah, I’m locked out.


I think she can just tweak the system, she may not be entitled to pay as the community manager. Maybe you can answer this Milla, I am just guessing.


She can make so it always has credit without paying for it like @Brer-Rabbit said.


It’s in credit until July next year. It should be fine.

Sorry about the neglect. I prioritised other things over this thread. Now I’m caught up I’m back. I’ll update the white list soon.


My IGN is Ziameter
May I join and attempt pixel art??


May I please be added?

Ign is candi_grrrl

Thanks in advance


Please can I be re added?
IGNs - I Need Pie, Cyan Sonata


Can I be added? My name is TheWooHooGamer


My IGN is Santeeisweird9.


Does milla pay for the server? (Probably not)


Pixmilla credit it’s going a long time before the out of credit and don’t worry pixmilla it’s a cultural server so it means it’s going to the unlimited credit world :slight_smile:


Workin’ on a spaceship that’s close to space with the label ‘ESC’ (EnderStone Corporation) on it, couja protect it?


Hey @milla can you whitelist me on Pixmilla? Thx


Hey @milla i love to build and i have build nice stuffs wanna whitelist me?


@Prototype and @BUILDITME1 please include your IGN so milla knows who to whitelist. :slight_smile:


My ign is:build itme


Would like to join cause… I want a server where there’s not someone spamming dupes scorpions all over de place…
Basically just a place that’s hacker and rager and stuff free,
IGN is Explosive


Oops my IGN is <-Prototype->


May I get whitelisted?

My IGN is Santeeisweird9. Thanks!


Could you whitelist me please? IGN: RAY2359