Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


what is IGN?


In Game Name


my IGN is bloky2018


Oops! Just made a mistake, my IGN is TITAN SUPREME. Sorry!


Did I not get invited?

Oh well. It’s not like I needed to attend…

cries in a corner

For reals now, I just wanna come on to see my horrible ship I made (if its even still there).


Hey milla, what would a world look like with infinite credit? Instead of let’s say a years worth

I mean like for eternity.


I know what that would look like, the world credit thing in the portal won’t show, like it was never there.


Tin Foil Hat Wearing Yak for @TheFoil


im wondering about that body… lol jk, its great :lol:


Could you please whitelist me as noris and chuck?


Happy Anniversary, @TheFoil! I’ve built Pepe, Shrek, and Kermit :slight_smile:


You used my acronym idea. :sunglasses:




(clear sentence)


Speaking of which, may I be whitelisted?

IGN: Ziameter


I wonder if I could create a spawn for this server. If possible


Hey @milla, are you gonna whitelist anyone?

oh and my username is LilAngel119, thanks


She will get to you all soon for sure, she’s just busy at the moment.


nope. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could i be whitelisted please?
My ign is: »dgpg«