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Guys, I think I’ve found Da Vinci.


May I join? I wanna learn to pixel art, my IGN is Fallen Hybrid.


I would like to be whitelisted.


May I please be whitelisted?
Name: Zeekiel


Can I join please?
IGN: Zen JiaXian


Can I be whitelisted please
IGN: Lightslack


Presenting Modernity 9-Cosmosis!

Modernity 9-Cosmosis

“The Titan of Balance, Cosmosis looms over the world, its eight eyes analysing every corner. With the incomtemplatable power gathered in its hands, it manipulates every exchange of elemental matter and energy. Its breath the winds that drive the sun and moon.”

So here it is, a proper completed pixel art after many, many months. Apologies it took so very very long.

Built on: Pixmilla, by milla

See more of this user’s builds here.


Can i be whilelisted please?

My IGN is Lava Ninja 2048