Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


I just wanted to say every week Milla have to break/rest too and enjoy her little day off about 2 days only. Please be patience and understanding.


Wish I could’ve met her.


She was only there for a few seconds before leaving :lol:
But it’s the first time me meeting a supermod in person blockhead.



Missed the party.


Me too thats cheating why we get a invatation if we are not whitelisted i even wannna help organis party but no one withlisted me :(:confused:


For the foil’s anniversary :slight_smile:



@Donutask I just fixed this, thanks.


Wow are u whitelisted


My IGN: dvsnsrock05


My IGN is =WAK=


I just wanted to get some insight on how players use Pixmilla.

I have set up some polls below for those who don’t mind sharing. :slight_smile:

How often do you join the Pixmilla cloud server?

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Every other week
  • Monthly
  • Every few months
  • Rarely ever
  • Never

0 voters

What do you do the most of on Pixmilla?

  • Build
  • View other player’s builds
  • Other

0 voters


I used to join quite regularly but I’m a little busy these days.


I am not even whitelisted


It shouldn’t be to much longer. milla wasn’t on the forums yesterday.


I’d choose a “both” option for what I mainly do but I can’t so I picked build :stuck_out_tongue:


Same case as @BUILDITME1, I’ve been requesting to be whitelisted. IGN is The Red Kings


The poll was for what you do the most. :slight_smile:


Is milla ever gonna whitelist?
Imma just drop an @ here


Please note that Milla has real-life more-important tasks to do, has to moderate the blockheads forum, has to moderate the ambience forum, and has to deal with reports and rollbacks.