Cloud World: 'Pixmilla' by milla - pixel art world


I asked almost a year ago I doubt I’ll get whitelisted


You should definitely ask milla again. It’s possible there was a reason you weren’t whitelisted, although I’m sure milla would have told you. If you reply with your IGN (in game name) now, you should be whitelisted soon. I’m not sure what could have happened, maybe you had made a typo in your name, and that’s why? Either way, it never hurts to ask again. :slight_smile:


I’ll try thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
IGN: | Rose |• and also •| Rose |•


Mine is LilAngel119
I think i already said that tho… hmm…


Sorry. I missed some really old ones, so I’ve whitelisted everyone going back a way. This probably means a few double-ups, but we’re at least up-to-date now!


Yay! Imma join pixmilla now!


Milla, do you have time to come on pixmilla on the weekends? (I’m so not double posting, it’s been an hour.)


I don’t think Milla play weekends on that days she is resting and enjoying little days no work. :slight_smile:


Eh, I guess so.
My first attempt at pixel art

It’s pretty bad


Better than anything I’v done.


What beauty!


I don’t come on much. I don’t announce when I do either :slight_smile:



Guys, I think I’ve found Da Vinci.