Cloud world: Roots

Welcome to Roots!

This is a start from scratch server. You have to craft items here. This is also a building server. You get 2 max size protection signs when you are 20 tc from spawn. Nothing besides spawn itself will be protected before 20 tc. We have some rules like other servers!

  1. No hacking if you are caught, then instant ban.

  1. No cussing we don’t even allow acronyms of cuss words. Kids play the game and some of us don’t wanna read that crap. (Crap is allowed)

  1. No spamming or advertising. Also please don’t ask for admin or mod. These all fall under the same category and earn a kick.

  1. No duping if you are discovered then instant ban.

  1. No personal trade portals if you find one with a troll you will be given a reward if you turn it in to a mod or admin.

Server events:

August: opening




December: Secret Santa

Have fun!!!
Server officially opened 2:19 pm cst 8/15/2020


More ores smaller veins can lead to that also there’s lap near the surface so come get it while you can!!!

Also forums only event for August is spawn design contest whoever designes the best spawn by the end of the month will receive a reward (depending on who it is could be mod/admin if I trust you a lot otherwise it could be a pole item of your choice)


Is there a backstory behind the server name?

@WumboJumbo I think it might be that you have to start from scratch. Like, from the roots. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah! :sweat_smile:

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Congratulations on your new server, Hailey.

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That’s exactly it

Edit: Since the server is so hard lol on my birthday the settings will be easier no tps still but tools will last more then 5 hits and you can’t die lol


That could work but I am worried people would spam

I’ll consider it no one has cussed yet

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Less then 24 hours in and I already have electric!! I also can make a few more signs soon and the discord is in the op also the server has the most updated rules


Thinking about changing a setting

  • Keep day/night cycle faster
  • Change to normal
  • Change to longer

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The server is whitelisted for 25 minutes I had an idea I am going to make a shop with everything that is in the tp and I will start with a stack of everything and hire people to work so the shop can run you will be paid for the job at prices yet to be determined apply for a job by voting I will pm you

  • I want a job
  • I want to donate shops I don’t want a job though
  • I want to donate shops and I would like a job

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I will have a jet by the end of the week most likely tomorrow I think it is the first crafted jet of the server

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