Cloud World: Secluded Park


[B]World Owner: Tanooki (Tanooki)
World Size: 16x
PVP: Disabled
World Type: Public[/B]

Secluded Park is a small and hidden yet thriving and steadily growing community. We try to be as professional as we can, while still having fun. Many surprises emerge out of this server. It’s what you can expect from a Tanooki server :D.

[U]List of Rules[/U]
• No Spamming or Arguing in the Chat
• No Sharing Personal Information
• No Vulgar, Sexual, and/or Offensive Names, Pictures, or Paintings.
• No Swearing, Cussing, or Cursing
• No Asking for Admin or Mod
• Any Type or Form of Discrimination or Harassment is not Tolerated
• Server Etiquette is Appreciated
• No Giving out High Lvl Items
• Listen to Admins and Mods
• No Hacking, Duping, or Glitching
• No Stealing, Griefing of Begging
• No Advertising Other Servers
• No Acting Like a Admin or Mod
• No Abusing Admin or Mod Powers

Make sure to read the rules before playing!

[U]List of Admins & Moderators[/U]

Pineapple (PineapplePegasus)
Dargo (Dargo)
Alphard (Ale_Alph)
Lea-Foster (Kittycute02)
Zopp (Zopp)
Darkfur (Darkfur)
Arke (Arke)
Smash!!!2 (Smash221)
Naeil (Naeil)
Bowstrike (Bowstrike)
Royal Gamer (Royal_Gamer17)
Reliable~Shadow (Reliable-Shadow)

I Love Pink!!! / Pink!!!
Ab7 Ender
Ttr/ Trr
Yumm Yumm
Kitty Meadow
FroggyGurl (FroggyGurl)
Names in parentheses are links to their forum page!
Names in parentheses are links to their forum page! (Keep in mind some are more active in the server than on the forums, for communication purposes.)

Have Fun! :smiley:

Join our group here for more information and discussion!

Join the server instantly here!


Just updated both the Thread and Group with the list of Admins & Moderators!

Very nice. Good idea linking names to forum people.

What would you think about a rule that, prior to becoming an admin, one must create a forum name and PM you?

I actually thought about that a while ago, and at the time it didn’t seem like a good idea. I know a bunch of people who would make great admins and can’t make a forums account, so I’m not sure. Many of our admins right now are like that. It’s your decision, since you own the server. I’ll be fine with either one. Or, we could do a combination of both and just leave the current admins be, and if anyone new comes alone they have to make one. That way, it’s fair.

Grandfather in the current admins, but let’s require an account for new admins.

Got it :smiley: Thats what I was thinking.

Edit: The page at Blockheadsfans Cloud Servers has been set up! Start voting here!

If you are wondering why the server is whitelisted right now, we are doing a WCD, or Worldwide Cleanup Day. Only admins and mods are allowed to be on right now, and we are cleaning up the server. It will be announced when it is unwhitelisted. Thank you for your patience.

Dargo some people will see the whitelisted server and forget the world and that will not be good I have heard some people already have forgotten it like two of my personal friend a who else could do it anyone it needs to be in whitelisted as quickly as possible.

I know, it happens all the time. There is nothing we can do except work hard and fast to finish, unless they have a forums account. It might be until the end of the weekend. I’m not sure, it’s Tanooki’s call.

Players are directed to join the forum every time they log in. If they ignore it every time, and missed the memo about closing for clean up, that’s their problem.

The WCD is now officially over! Come back and join in on the fun!

Dargo and Tanooki Lizy and Ttr haven’t been on in a while so I believe madam Bella should be a mod and alphard who is already a mod to be a admin:)

I would really enjoy being mod or admin, and I would try to do my best. :smiley:
If I would be mod or admin, I would be happy to except the responsibility! :slight_smile:

Well, Ttr is afraid of getting caught by parents because he can’t play multiplayer games or something, and O don’t even know where Lizy is. Alphard needs a forums account to be an admin, and Bella is nice but she needs more experience.

Dargo, lea said I have been on longer then you… :frowning:

Dargo I think I was banned because it isn’t letting me join…! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’ve been on there longer than all of you. I was there in the beginning :wink:
And I think you’re doing a great job, Bella. I’d definitely recommend you as moderator. However, I don’t see you often.

She is on quite a lot, I think it is the other way around Pineapple :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t modded her yet because the mod list is currently full, but I’m unmoddding the unactive ones. She is also pretty nice. She just needs some time to get used to the responsibility.

I heard from someone that you ARE banned, unfortunately I won’t be on for a few days, so I sent someone to try to fix it. You should be unbanned soon. Next time this happens, look in the Secluded Park group and PM all the admins and moderators to see what is going on instead of posting here. Thanks.

I don’t… Maybe we are in dif. time zones.

Definitely. You live in Asia, right? I live in North America. The time zones will be different. You are like a day ahead depending on where in Asia.