Cloud World: SGE's Moon! The first ever 1/16th size world!

[size=4] GRAND OPENING [/size]

Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire’s Moon is now open for colonization!
This is a totally unique 1/16th normal size world. Only 1024 Blocks wide!
How did I pull this off? Well, you have to come and find out… :smiley:

The usual standard rules apply here, but much less restrictive. This may quickly become a very crowded world and you will need to fight to defend your territory. PvP is therefore enabled.
I suggest using very strong blocks with copper wire to re-inforce it because griefing will be allowed as well. No protection signs will be placed either, so it’s a Dog-eat-Dog world on SGE’s moon!

If things get too chaotic, I may turn off PvP or begin protection sign placement - but no promises here.

Main Features:

  1. The major feature is the small size. (To represent a moon of another planet, namely SGE!). This world is only 1024 blocks long. (512 on either side of spawn). As such, there are no poles - sorry. To discover how I made a world like this, you’ll have to see for yourself.

  2. At full zoom-out, you can see the entire “moon”.

  3. I fully realize how difficult it will be to get a Portal Chest or the gems you need for a Trade Portal. Therefore - in secret locations - I have hidden a Level 6 TP and a Diamond Portal!!

  4. The Spawn Area is protected so that griefers do not make it impossible for new players to enter. Everything else is pretty much in pristine condition - at least to start with. And there are no restrictions on building!

Enjoy and have fun with this tiny Moon of SGE!

The World Officially Opens to the Public at 8pm GMT!! (Which is basically seconds after this post)

EDIT: Silly me, here’s the Link:’S%20MOON

It’s actually just called “Skeeve’s Moon”

This sounds cool. I’m going to join.

[SIZE=1]This wasn’t made through mods/hacks, right? :O[/SIZE] I’ll try to join later today!

Very analog hacking tactics, I’d say. Lol Skeeve

Looks like a lot of folks have tried out Skeeves Moon so far. Has anyone found the hidden TP and Diamond portal yet? They are not all too difficult to find. I know people will be eager to warp in portal chests soon, so I didnt try very hard to hide them.

I haven’t found them yet D: I even almost froze to death looking for it at space on the right side!!

Some one found one of them while I was on, I forget which it was tho.
Tons of fun, Skeeve!!! Why are all these great servers coming out at the same time? I don’t have enough hands, lol!

I’m trying to collect every gem to make my own diamond portal… That said I haven’t even tried to find them… Should I be?

I am just trying to survive on the frozen barren wastes of the moon . . . .

I found the hidden diamond trade portal and and the hidden portal.

Are they hidden together? [SIZE=1]Hints are always appreciated…[/SIZE]

They aren’t hidden together and you probably won’t find them before you make a diamond portal yourself

In an area this small, thats gonna be tough, but one way to do it is work you way up to gold tools and hope for bonus item gems. I think it is just easier to look for the hidden portals. By now the location will probably be leaked anyway. :slight_smile:

Great job Blueberry, I think you may be the first.

Higuy found at least one of them before anyone else, I’m pretty sure.
I could be wrong of course, but you could always check the logs for us. Just to make it official. Because everyone was looking for them . . . .
We were all on line, and it was quite exciting when he started yelling that he found it!!! Except I would have been more excited if I had found it, lol.

I was probably more exited when I found all the gems because i found the hidden portals after I made them myself.

Wow, yes, that’s quite an achievement to find them all so quickly!!. So far I only have an emerald, lol. I’m not advancing very fast, but I’m having fun.

And I only realized today that the tp and portal stay there for others to use - I thought there were a couple of sets of them hidden in chests somewhere in the world for the players who found them to take. So I quit looking when people said they found them XD

I will start looking again!! I want a jetpack!!! :smiley:

Can there be a rule against logging out or pausing in combat?

Couple of lunatics on this world

I dont happen to be one of them am I?
btw, a hint to noobs: if you are LOOKING VERY HARD for the diamind portal, u won’t find it.

I now have a base that is well fortified, a Diamond Portal and TP :cheerful:… May post pics of it soon… Or maybe never…