Cloud World: Skeeve’s Narnia (Opened July 1, 2020)

Cloud World: Skeeve’s Narnia
At long last the time has come for me to open a new server! This will be my 11th Cloud World and while Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire (SGE) remains open, all my other worlds have long ago gone out of credit.

This new world will be called Skeeve’s Narnia with a target Grand Opening on July 1st, 2020. (Just over 2 months from now). It will be heavily themed to C.S. Lewis’ Books, The Chronicles of Narnia. The rules will specify building guidelines, naming conventions, and possible Role-playing of the characters from the books.
It will be a Custom World with the following settings:
(Except PvP will be ON, not disabled as it shows below)

Until it opens, this thread will be used to share some ideas for the server and establish rules.
I will most likely make this a “Searchable” world, so that random noobs will not pour in. Familiarity with the Chronicles of Narnia is strongly recommended.

Below are some starting ideas:

  • Spawn design to look like the Wardrobe which first brought the 4 Pevensie Children to Narnia.
  • The “Large Oceans” setting will make for long sailing trips which should mimic “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. Islands could be created to match the theme of that storyline.
  • Underground areas could be designed to look like the realm of the Emerald Witch from “The Silver Chair”
  • The Climate setting is “Normal” so that we can have both Winter Regions and Deserts. The deserts can represent the kingdom of Calormen from “The Horse and His Boy”
  • The setting “More Trees” will allow for vast forests – perhaps representing the Woods between the Worlds from “The Magician’s Nephew”
  • We could build the Stone Table that Aslan was sacrificed on, and later create “Aslan’s How” from “Prince Caspian”.
  • Don’t forget to name all of your Donkey’s “Puzzle” and your Unicorns “Jewel” from “The Last Battle”!!
  • Recommend naming your Blockheads after characters from the books.
  • Building rules would apply so that the book’s themes are followed.
  • Since Narnia was a violent place at times, with many wars and times of strife, Mobs are set to “Hard” and you will need to clear the “wilds” of Narnia and make them subject to the Kingdom.
  • For the same reason, I will probably make it PvP – and we will use that to address griefers a little differently than just simply banning them: My proposal is to have us Narnians defend the land from griefers! Death Drops are set to “all items” for that reason…
  • Protection signs will be very rare, and only used to protect the Spawn area, Gem Trees, and maybe a few key structures.

All Ideas and Suggestions are Welcome! I can’t entertain them all but I will listen to every one of them.
COUNTDOWN to NARNIA: Server is now Open!


Character Names from the Books:
Book 1 - Lion, Witch & Wardrobe Characters of Interest:

  1. Lucy Pevensie
  2. Edmond Pevensie
  3. Susan Pevensie
  4. Peter Pevensie
  5. Mr. Tumnus
  6. Aslan the Lion
  7. Mr. Beaver
  8. Mrs. Beaver
  9. The White Witch
  10. Fenris Ulf (aka Maugrim) the Wolf
  11. Professor Kirke
  12. Father Christmas

Book 2 - Prince Caspian Characters of Interest:

  1. Prince Caspian
  2. High King Peter
  3. King Edmund
  4. Queen Susan
  5. Queen Lucy
  6. Nikabrik
  7. Reepicheep the Mouse
  8. Lord Sopespian
  9. Miraz
  10. Trumpkin the Dwarf
  11. Destrier (Caspian’s horse)
  12. Aslan the Lion

Book 3 - Voyage of the Dawn Treader Characters of Interest:

  1. King Edmond
  2. Queen Lucy
  3. Eustace Scrubb
  4. King Caspian X
  5. Lord Drinian (Captain of the Dawn Treader)
  6. Reepicheep - Chief Mouse of Narnia
  7. Lord Bern
  8. Lord Rhoop
  9. Ramandu
  10. Ramandu’s Daughter (aka Lilliandil)
  11. The Dufflepuds
  12. Coriakin - caretaker of the Dufflepuds
  13. Rhince - First Mate of the Dawn Treader
  14. Trumpkin the Dwarf
  15. Aslan the Lion

Book 4 - The Silver Chair Characters of Interest:

  1. Eustace Scrubb
  2. Jill Pole
  3. The Emerald Witch
  4. Glimfeather the Owl
  5. Prince Rilian
  6. Puddleglum the Marshwiggle
  7. Snowflake (Emerald Witch’s horse)
  8. Aslan the Lion

Book 5 - The Horse & His Boy Characters of Interest:

  1. Shasta
  2. Aravis
  3. Bree (aka Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah) the Horse
  4. Hwin the Horse
  5. Prince Corin of Archenland
  6. King Lune of Archenland
  7. King Edmund
  8. Queen Susan
  9. Queen Lucy
  10. Tash - god of the Calormenes
  11. Tisroc - ruler of Calormen
  12. Ahosta fiance’ of Aravis
  13. Aslan the Lion

Book 6 - The Magician’s Nephew Characters of Interest:

  1. Digory Kirke
  2. Polly Plummer
  3. Andrew Ketterly (Digory’s Uncle)
  4. Frank I - First King of Narnia, former London Cabby
  5. Helen I - First Queen of Narnia
  6. Queen Jadis of Charn (Aka the White Witch)
  7. Fledge the father of all winged horses (Formerly Strawberry a London Cab Horse)
  8. Aslan the Lion

Book 7 - The Last Battle Characters of Interest:

  1. Shift the Ape
  2. Puzzle the Donkey
  3. Jewel the Unicorn (Dear Friend of Narnia’s last King, Tirian)
  4. King Tirian - Last King of Narnia
  5. Eustace Scrubb
  6. Jill Pole
  7. Roonwit the Centaur
  8. Farsight the Eagle
  9. Griffle the Dwarf
  10. Emeth Tarkaan
  11. Diggle the Dwarf
  12. Poggin the Dwarf
  13. Rishda Tarkaan
  14. High King Peter
  15. King Edmund
  16. Queen Lucy
  17. Aslan the Lion

Places and Structures to Build

I. The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe:

  1. The Lamp Post
  2. Mr. Tumnus’ Home
  3. Mr and Mrs. Beaver’s Home
  4. Castle of the White Witch
  5. The Stone Table
  6. Cair Paravel

II. Prince Caspian

  1. Miraz’ Castle
  2. Aslan’s How
  3. The Fords of Beruna
  4. Ruins of Cair Paravel

III. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  1. The Dawn Treader
  2. The Lone Islands
  3. The pool that transmute objects to gold
  4. The sea monster
  5. The Dragon
  6. Mansion of Coriander
  7. Ramandu’s Island
  8. The restored Cair Paravel

IV. The Silver Chair

  1. The Marsh where Puddleglum lives
  2. The gigantic cliff where the adventure begins
  3. Cair Paravel
  4. The land of the Giants
  5. The giant maze that says “Under Me”
  6. The Underlands
  7. The flooding of the underlands

V. The Horse and His Boy

VI. The Magician’s Nephew

  1. The Wood between the Worlds
  2. Charn, the dying world.
  3. Pre-Narnia as Aslan spoke it into existence
  4. The garden high atop a cliff

VII. The Last Battle


Maybe somewhere on the server you have a series of pools and if you swim down deep, you come to a small representation of your other worlds. :smiley:

Another feature might be the White Queen’s castle with statues of creatures turned to stone.

I’m really looking forward to this. These are some of my favorite books of all time.


Is there a reason you chose to open the server on the 1st of July?


Awesome suggestion Jem!
That would be really cool.

Oh and the reason for July 1st is because I am currently active on another server now and want to continue there for the time being.
Also I would like to have a little buffer of time to create the world and get some preliminary structure to it.


It’s going to be amazing! :heart_eyes:


I’ll name myself Tash (may I live forever).


Yes Oh Tisroc, may you live forever :joy:

Now for a bit of Trivia: Without Google, who can tell me what the C.S. stands for in C.S. Lewis’ name?

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I shall not the answer to give away, allowing others to thus speculate…
I might ruffle the pages ears though, to Cleve(sp?:wink:) unto the sheets of wooden pulp with a splinter of bent metal, pointed at its ends. :wink: :nerd_face:


Truly well said oh master of riddles!

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Love this idea! I’m super excited for this server to come out. My horse (I guess a brown donkey shall suffice) Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah shall dominate the lands of Narnia, alongside myself, of course🐴

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My ign for this server will be Lucyofnarnia
(I checked wasn’t taken) I have only read the lion the witch and the wardrobe and I love that book

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If I’m not confusing it with some other C.S.,

Is it

Clive Staples?

Can’t wait for the server, though! I am curious to see how the locations from The Horse and His Boy will turn out. I’d say that book or The Voyage of the Dawn Treader are my favorite.

Puddleglum best character, tho.


You can still use your normal IGN, I’m just going to ask people to name their individual Blockheads after the characters of their choice.

It’s not totally mandatory though, just for fun.

And @Alexandra_Inglorien — Yes correct!

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Not the type of person to read books, so I don’t think this world is for me. :confused:

@Lord-Hyness You can listen to the audiobooks The Chronicles of Narnia playlist

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Have you considered making anti-spawn and its surrounding area the Western Wild? You could build the garden atop a cliff there and a great apple tree in the center of it.

Further, I’d love to offer my Companion to Narnia book for location descriptions to help design the world.

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I’ve never read Narnia, will that be a problem?

Another excellent suggestion, the Western Wild!
Love it. And I will have to try to get my hands on that Companion to Narnia book!

@Dom Not a problem, but it will be more enjoyable if you do. Seeing the movies helps, but they only made 3. There are 4 more books after that.

Okie Dokie. I’ve been looking for some books to read. Maybe I will try these ones

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