Cloud World: SKEEVE's CITY!

Coming soon to the Cloud - this Memorial Day Weekend (May 29th):
Announcing a New Vanilla Server with an Expert Twist!
I am pleased to present SKEEVE’S CITY <cue Fireworks, Trumpets, Juggling Clowns…>

Skeeve’s City represents the Capitol City of the Empire - thus the size of this world is very small - 1/16x. The intention is to represent a densely populated city where all natural resources have been long stripped away to be replaced with city buildings, modular farms, animal breeding facilities, art galleries, you name it.

Become a Baroness or Lord of the Empire by earning 10 stacks of Platinum Coins (990) and using this to buy your very own 61 x 61 plot of protected land to use as you see fit!


  • Spawn in to an enclosed 61 x 61 area representing the Capitol Square.
  • Access Level 6 Trade Portals for Jobs
  • All Benches are available up to highest level, plenty of Electricity (I Hope!)
  • Starter Shops are here for any item which can’t be Meditated, Crafted, or Jobbed.
  • All produce trees and plants are growing in the Capitol Square.

Starter Shops are intentionally expensive because only 1 item is needed for you to “discover” it in the Trade Portal after which it may be bought at a more reasonable price.

Below is a sneak peak of the Capitol Square:

Becoming a LORD or BARONESS

When ready with your 990pc, notify Skeeve (you can use @Skeeve in chat - I will eventually see it), and he will open up the Land Grant Office for you to come in behind an Iron Door so you can securely place your stacks of coins on the shelves provided. In exchange, you’ll be given a Jet Pack to explore the world and will be granted access beyond spawn to choose where you want your plot of land to be. Protection Signs are already in place - they are just waiting for a name to go on them!

There are over 120 Plots of land available. I don’t think we’ll ever use them up, but I would be thrilled if we do! Perhaps I’ll allow multiple ownership after a while.

See below for an overview of the entire world. The dots you see in a grid-like pattern are the protection signs just waiting for young Baronesses and Lords to claim them!

The usual rules apply as with any of my servers:

  1. No duping, using God mode or other scripts, or cheating in any possible way.
  2. Family Friendly chat, paintings, signs, profile pic at ALL times.
  3. No Spamming Chat, or asking about becoming staff.
  4. Craft your own Portal Chest.
  5. Please choose a profile pic as acknowledgment of the rules.

RULES unique to Skeeve’s City:

  1. Sharing things is OK, but there are 2 things you absolutely may NOT share: Portal Chests or Gold Chests. This is a very important rule because it affects the primary goal of the server.
  2. If you choose a plot with a Gem Tree - you MAY destroy it if you want to. (There are only 2 gem trees here, Amethyst and Emerald. So no big deal.)
  3. At a later date, I may request that you designate a portion of your plot for travel between plots - such as with a railroad or something. But this won’t likely happen until the server matures a while from now - and perhaps I’ll just leave it up to the players anyway.
  4. Don’t kill any Yaks if they are down to 2 on each platform.
  5. Don’t break the Red Marble stripe - this is the only unprotected area and it is specifically for temporary placement of items like chests or blocks.
  6. Once you become a Lord or Baroness, you are allowed to come back to spawn, but the only way you’ll be able to do so is by teleporting. Fortunately, no matter where you are in Skeeve’s City - the most you’ll have to pay to teleport is 12TC. :slight_smile:

Earning money isn’t too difficult if you know how. However, 990pc is still a lot of coinage and will be time consuming. There is a shorter way though. Without giving too much away, I will say it involves purchasing a Gold Chest. However there’s a catch: I will be slowly increasing the price of these chests in the shops as they are bought! (Starting price is 100pc)

The Capitol Square has a black market selling rare goods - but you’ll have to discover how to get there! But once you do, I can tell you it’s aMazeing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to see you all at Skeeve’s City at the end of May!

ADVANCED CHALLENGE (added 5/23/2021)

Once you own a 61x61 plot, you may earn the right to obtain a second plot by proving that you have discovered every single item in the trade portal.

To do so, you’ll need to display every item on a shelf or display cabinet. Please arrange them in order how they appear in the TP so I can verify more easily. It will take around 80 shelves or so - a 9 x 9 area - that’s not too bad and you can remove them after you are given the new plot.

Ice Armor shops will be available at Spawn since these cannot be crafted.

If there is any item in the Trade portal that you cannot obtain through meditation, jobs, or crafting - let me know and I’ll place a shop. I think I got everything covered, but I could have missed something. Ice Torches was one I almost missed.


Sounds exciting! I will definitely be one of the first few to join :grin:


This sounds wonderful! I’m quite excited to see this.

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By the way, I also intend to use the Message Bot on this server such that when a Land Owner enters he or she will be announced, for example as “Welcome Baroness Lucy” or “Lord Frank has arrived”. Something like that. Sort of gives people something to strive for, namely land ownership.

I guess you could say that Skeeve’s Empire has now gone full Feudalism :joy:


This is great! I’ve always wanted to play on a server like this.


Dommie will join

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You had to go ahead and write this sentence and make me hear Entry of the Gladiators playing in my head until I finished reading the post.

I can’t wait to live in Spawn forever and be the local street urchin! My new device has so little TC I’d rather not part with it.

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Dang this looks cool, I’m definitely going to check it out!

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Awesome! Aahz looking forward to seizing you there! :nerd_face: :clown_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I had a dream where I was on this server I already have a couple stacks of plat and @Ge0rgie already has a plot :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: according to my dream


I’m in.

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makes me wish blockheads was still on android

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Although I don’t have an Android device, I believe there is still a way to download Blockheads.

Try this link:

Haha it could very well happen :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: depends on how much time I have


Hi Guys, I’m going to update the Original Post with an advanced challenge for this server. In short:

Once you own a 61x61 plot, you can earn the right to obtain a second plot by proving that you have discovered every single item in the trade portal.
To do so, you’ll need to display every item on a shelf or display cabinet. This should take around 80 shelves or so - a 9 x 9 area - that’s not too bad and you can remove them after you are given a new plot.

I will include shops selling Ice Armor for this purpose since you cannot craft that.


Your worlds are always super fun, Skeeve. I’m looking forward to this one. :slight_smile:


ik the APK file, doesen’t work on chromebook.

I thought you didn’t try using it with developer mode yet?

i turned on developer mode, had computer problems, turned it off and they persisted for about a week before an update came and fixed them. I don’t want it to happen again, sorry.

You haven’t tested the apk on the Chromebook so you can’t make any assumptions that it do any work on Chromebook