Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Update 9-April-2014
I have created a group for all citizens of the empire to post pics, share stories or otherwise take part in discussions:

Update 8-April-2014
See the last post for an update on the Emperor’s Grand Palace!! (Post #35)

UPDATE 4-April-2014
Skeeves-Gigantic-Empire port# 16016 will open to the Public at 8pm EDT tonight!!

Original thread post 4-2-2014:
I know I promised that I would re-open Skeeve’s Empire in 1.5 exactly as I left it on December 28th, but now that 1.5 is going to allow NEW worlds to be 16x larger - I am putting it to a vote:

Should we Restart Skeeve’s Empire - and make it 16 times bigger (please say yes!)
OR - stick with the existing Empire.

Edit: Crud, should have made this a poll. Just to clarify - if we Restart - everything we made or have stored there will be lost - so maybe re-open for a week and then restart? (Option 3)

Is Blockheads.staff a hacker?
Who owns this village?
Apparently there’s a ‘noobe trap’
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Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

Option 3. Even though I’m not part of this.

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But could I join?

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Because if you restart you CAN put most of it into portal chests. Or a bunch of normal chests and just in one Portal Chest.

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Please. Restart it! BluePegasus, Don’t triple post!



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That’s 2 Votes for restart, but you guys don’t count - I don’t think you ever played there.

And yes you are welcome to join - it’s a Public Server! (My goal is to make it among the top 5 public servers)


I never knew that. I couldn’t find the post.

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But I will be playing soon then. I have the same profile pic for that so…you can tell who I am…

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I’m not a fan of option 3 as it will feel a wasted amount of time for me. But I do know we had many players that left things on there as is without the use if a portal chest. As we did tell them it would reopen as we left it. So personally I feel option 3 to let our old players evacuate their items before the reset.

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Restart. Without waiting. Most ppl got their stuff out anyway.

It took us about a week to update The City of Troy to 1.4 and we lost most of the players who never came back. People are so eager to play in the new worlds


I’m very eager to find a new world to play in. Most of my old ones shut down.

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actually , I DID play there. As Mario Fans.


I see your point Ronnie I think I change my vote to restart straight away

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You know what, I agree! But I’m going with a fourth option:

I’ll create the new world right away, and keep the old one open for a few days, then close it.


What is it called?


Restart and then 4x as big I want Zhaus feedback about 16x as big. Blockserver has been struggling it seems zoo a 16x bigger world will not help in the least.


That did not answer my question in any way…


Well, I just created a new world an there is no option to select size. I explored for 77 TC and reached the South Pole, so I’m sure it’s a normal size. Any idea how to do larger sizes?


Dont do anything with the server that will change it a little! I want a COMPLETELY new server but grab the pole items if you want