Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


I go there sometimes. I have five blockheads and I used to use it to help new players or for trading.


Greetings, just now i tried multiple times to connect to SGE. And it kept disconnecting me after 10-20seconds. And it seems the server feels even slower now with the input lag. Am i the only one feeling this? We just upgraded internet so it shouldnt really be like this.

Edit: i found out that i dont get disconnected the closer i am to my wifi router. At least now i can enter SGE and play. However it seems the input lag is still there. I’m hoping it is just an admin issue being able to see everywhere being the cause of the lag.


Ever since the update many servers are experiencing increased lag. Many are reducing objects that create lag to minimize the problem. Just reducing the number of portals has improved some worlds and kept them playable. Other measures include reducing artificial water features and excess lighting.


Thats news to me. Would be a problem to trade creative freedom for playability


TLDR: Im now selling starter items at SGE spawn

Greetings fellow citizens of the empire.
It has come to my attention that there is a lack of players staying in SGE for an extended period of time.
Most come and simply leave after a few minutes or seconds and never come back.

Then I came across a rather dissapointed but persevering citizen of the empire who really wanted to ride the rails and spent a good 5 hours online with me to get the handcar he so badly wanted.

I have been absent from SGE for about a year now, and so the following is news to me.

Through his experience i learned the biggest hurdle for a newcomer is the recent undiscovered items in the trade portal.

We have a rule in SGE, rule 10. Loaning Portal chests are not allowed as a means to prove your independency to the empire. I shall continue to support this rule in my own way in service of the empire.

The root cause of new players leaving is the currently high bar of difficulty in earning a handcar and portal chest with the current trade portal being filled with “undiscovered”. This means new players cannot buy handcars, gold chests, and most importantly, they cant buy oil and sell jet fuel to earn money.

To solve this in my own selfish way, i will now put up shop and sell overpriced handcars, gold chests, fur coats, and oil.

These shops are not for you to buy stacks of the stuff. These shops exists for you to overcome the “undiscovered” areas in the trade portal. Or at least, i am hoping that is how it works. Once you buy one copy from my shops, you can buy the rest in the trade portal at spawn

As a tip, you can go left of spawn and harvest wood which you can turn into furniture and sell for starter money to buy oil, which you can then use for jet fuel sales.

Building structures cost money. i cant rely on my savings of 70,000 plat forever. So this is a way for you to help me by helping you as well.

For newcomers, I hope this would help ease the pain of grinding for that handcar to which everyone would like to ride the worldwide rails

Long Live the Empire


I don‘t see the problem with getting hold of the crucial oil. There are sunflowers at spawn and a press so everybody can easily get oil. But I guess these days it‘s asked too much to use a bench…

And tbh, I think those large format pictures of your spooky avatar will scare off ppl


yeah, i could see that profile picture could be an issue now, i’ll go take it off. as it doesnt fit the theme of spawn
Also lol, forgot sunflowers gave oil. but i guess i’ll leave the shops there for anyone who doesnt want to do the sunflowers.

kind of presumptuous of me as well, but of course i’m not totally confident the undiscovered tradeportal items are the root cause of why we have few players at the moment. could be for any other reason really


I’ve been thinking about the difficulty now in obtaining undiscovered items.
Shops are a good idea to help bridge the gap.

Also, non-staff may not realize this, but there is a large unprotected area within the Spawn Hotel where you are all welcome to place your own shops. It gets griefed once in a while, but is easy to repair.


btw @skeeve checking the spawn building, there are these oddly labeled rooms like the “gray room” or the “green room”. what exactly are those?


Ah yes…well originally they were hints about what was to come in version 1.7. Each color room corresponds to the type of color evolution of donkeys or unicorns.

I also had signs saying “U-Rooms” and “D-Rooms” to hint at Unicorns and Donkeys.

I had planned to keep the corresponding colored pets in each of those rooms, but I realized this was impractical due to the pets only being there when I’m online.


I’ve done similar in Skylands and been severely frustrated when self-proclaimed “rich” players buy them out just to then resell at lower prices. It makes me vigilant to not keep the shops too full.

I do log in to SGE still as often as I can and a Bh I have staged at spawn donates what is earned on the TP job boards.


well, if they resold the handcars to the public at lower prices, i wouldnt mind. SGE doesnt actually forbid freebies being given. Minus the portal chest. i’m pretty sure if some magnanimous soul out there bought all my overpriced stuff to sell to the public, then he would be doing the empire a service. if he decides to buy out all my stuff…please do…im getting good money from it anyway. if anyone wonders the pricing ive made atm

handcars 10-40 plat, 4 shops
fur coats 2-5 plat, 2 shops
gold chests 5-10 plat, 2 shops
stone blocks 1-3 plat, 2 shops
oil 10-40 gold, 6 shops

also yes, ive priced stone blocks at 1 plat minimum, supposedly for people too lazy to leave spawn to get their portal chest. its pretty much like a donation machine at this point lol.

Also i like the idea of a blockhead doing job board stuff to donate. i could do that as well since it doesnt take too much effort for my the BH i have at spawn

Edit: @StormRhyder i found one of your protected islands…and it seems to be one of the islands you do your trade portal jobs


I used to keep a BH there and will again soon. The one that was there is now the one at Spawn. I set the four chests up so as to keep OCD organization and ease of transfer via PC when filled.

BTW. Welcome back!


I do have a place, right of spawn (which was smegle mart and cactus jacks beds) in which I have replaced and have every item, bench and block for sale at slightly above trade portal prices for discovery purposes. The only thing that was extortionately high we’re golden chests as I didn’t think having portal chests should be an easy task. Although I have noticed a few of those shops are out of stock


I took a break after finishing 25% of my current build here.
With my break, i just went on sandbox and one way or another eventually came up with this.

Someone might want to build something like this on the server in the future, so i’m placing it up there

i’m defenitely too busy to make one in SGE atm.


Just a little post before i demolish their railroad messages. Some of them made by arcturus who is a player whom i have some respect. Demolished because its blocking my build site.


Oh yeah, I love his messages. He toured SGE and left humorous comments on structures and buildings along the way. On one section of bumpy track he wrote “how’s your stomach?” :joy:.


SGE surely is a must visit for a BH player. I enjoyed playing SP mostly, but decided to become a citizen of this awesome 5 millennia old empire. I am entering this world with bare hand and settling. Will come up with a pixel art or building after I feel comfortable here.


Welcome thihaLeo and I am honored that your first post on the BH forums was here on my world thread!


Big honor that your highness welcome me. :slight_smile: I have known BH forums for years, only not posting any. Not counting various servers and ideas you did, Skeevatron alone earn my full respect. :astonished: