Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


While the world is very quiet now, I’m fairly new on the server so it doesn’t seem odd to me (except that so many structures have been stripped bare of things like doors, elevators, etc…)

That said, I’m shocked that on a world this old and this populated, I’ve just apparently explored vast expanses of cave systems that had never before been explored (though some were explored by someone who put up a bunch of lights but apparently didn’t take anything – gems everywhere, even a diamond; platinum and titanium and gold easy to encounter, etc)…

Sure, I had to go rather far from spawn to find it, but how it stayed untouched (I even got to handle a cave troll!) I’m just surprised and I found myself giggling maniacally quite frequently…


That’s one of the benefits of a 16X world. I bet once players got themselves a trade portal, they abandoned any mining in favor of purchasing materials.

I’m still exploring but haven’t even ridden halfway around yet. Make sure you check out the Notre Dame to the right of spawn. I don’t recall what TC distance.


Already saw it. It’s gorgeous!


One reason for this is because back when version 1.5 was released - and up until nearly the release of 1.6.1, it was ridiculously easy to make money at the trade portal. Crafting Jet Fuel and selling it, for example, could yield hundreds of platinum coins. After that all gems and ores became commonplace because you could afford to by stack fulls. This is most likely why already-explored caves still have untouched gems in them.

Now, however, after 1.6.1, all trade portal prices have caps on their upper and lower ranges, so it’s not so easy to make money anymore and gems have realistic prices again.


I forgot to include – time crystal blocks. Lots of 'em. Unbroken. … let’s just say I got myself a diamond pickaxe at the first opportunity.


Ronnie once mined almost every Time Crystal in a 1X world and got 10,000 TC’s - since this is a 16x World, I’d expect there to be 160,000 TC’s for the taking. :smiley: (That’s about 8,888 TC blocks btw)


whoah, that’s … beyond my comprehension really. lol. So maybe I’ll go back on SGE and do a little more scavenging for ignored cave systems…


It’s only been about a week, but just in case you happen upon this post, support ticket# 12579 is in the queue to give SGE a kick. It doesn’t appear to need a rollback, it’s just stuck in the “Unavailable” state.

Once you give it a jump-start, I’ll take a look-see to check if the world is pretty much intact.




Outstanding! I just inspected it and it’s right where I left off last. Perfect, thank you! :smiley:


Skeeve,anyway I can be unbanned?
I was banned about two years ago by I think the admin with the squid for a pic sry I forgot their names


My in game username is LITTLE SCORPION for the server.


@Little_Scorpion, instead of asking on the thread, try Private Messaging Skeeve instead :slight_smile:


How do i PM people?


To private message somebody, simply tap your avatar in the top right corner and select the mail icon. Choose New Message from your profile page and in the “add a user” box, type in Skeeve (his name should come up after a couple letters). Enter your subject and what you need to say to him. Tap “Message” in the bottom left corner when you’re ready to send.

Another way is to scroll up to where Skeeve last posted and tap/click his name. It will bring you directly to his profile page and you can tap “Message”. That will automatically put him in the “add a user” box and you can type your message to him.


Hmm, I wonder if you need to be at a certain Trust Level to have PM privileges? That could complicate things…


I don’t think so. On my first day I was able to test private messaging with @asyc


You could also have group PM which is very handy.


Does anyone remember why Little Scorpion was banned?


The name rings a bell was it in the early days of SGE before protection signs and it was something simple like picking up train tracks?