Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


So annoying without groups but can anyone remember why turbomanisdad was banned? Supposedly it was over a year ago. I’m asking on this players behalf as they now play on CJ’s legacy (out of the trials)


Hmm, don’t remember Turbomanisdad. No record of him on my “reports” log either.


Hey Skeeve, explored the server a bit.
Where is the railroad that extends the 16x world?
This way exploring the amazing stuff is easier :smiley:


The worldwide railway starts as a subway below spawn. But if you are not at spawn, just keep walking you’ll find it.


best to travel the rail by handcart too as the locomotive may stop every so often until way out of reach from the players who can’t be bothered going much further. I have just recently travelled right of spawn and protected (overlapping protection signs) rail that was missing… after a certain distance, it’s a smooth run.


**I’m about to kick everyone out and lock this world so Dave can do some work on it. It will be unavailable to anyone until he’s done. **

Skeeve: Please don’t connect. You’re the only one we can’t lock out :slight_smile:


Day 1? Lag? Why is it locked?


Please see the post above yours.


SGE is BACK!!!

Dave has been working on it for ages. The upshot is that he has worked out a few things, and that he didn’t want to risk doing any damage, so he’s put in a fix that will fully restore the spawn portal when 1.7 is released, and will also sort out a few other issues too. This means that until that time the SP has no base. It works perfectly normally, but looks odd. Sorry about that guys.


Yay! :smiley: Skeeve will have to rename it Skeeve’s Gigantic Guinea Pig


Good idea, that should work :slight_smile:


Is it up your sleeve or your Skeeve?


Well now we got two possible names:
Skeeves Gigantic Guinea Pig
The Gigantic Sleeve


Would you need to remove the glass block first? have u tried it yet O great guinea pig up a skeeve?


@Skeeve I vote for The Gigantic Sleeve!


What name do you pick?

`[poll public=true]

  • Skeeves Gigantic Guinea Pig
  • The Gigantic Sleeve


Just wondering if SGE has had it’s settings changed to not have random people show up on it? I’ve been on a bit and have seen a sudden drop in people playing there.


Oops, thanks Auto! I forgot to make it public after Dave/Milla had a look at it last week.
Both SGE and SGC are public again.


Had a fun person through yesterday. Claimed the spawn trade portal was glitching for them and that it was a level 21 (and gave them a whole bunch of coins etc). Took a look and couldn’t click on the trade portal. Do a stop and come back and sure enough, the TP is a level 21.

Remove the portal and replace it with a level 6 TP. Player goes to portal, I see the upgrade animation, look at it and it’s level 21 again. Ban player but leave portal, since it’s a wrong level, but you can still only purchase normal things for normal prices.

Come back on today, take a look at the portal, now it’s owned by a different (non-admin) player, and has no base. Remove it and replace it, but it has no base but works normally (still shows as a level 21). Remove it, replace with a level 1 TP and upgrade it to level 6 and hope the player doesn’t show up again.

Now I have two Level 21 portals, they can only be placed on backwall otherwise they just collapse. Plus, they don’t show any base block, just the upper portal section. If you try and place a block where it’s supposed to be, it just despawns and goes back into inventory.


Thanks man, Glad you banned the perpetrator. One at a time, these script kiddies are being eliminated. :+1: