Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Had a fun person through yesterday. Claimed the spawn trade portal was glitching for them and that it was a level 21 (and gave them a whole bunch of coins etc). Took a look and couldn’t click on the trade portal. Do a stop and come back and sure enough, the TP is a level 21.

Remove the portal and replace it with a level 6 TP. Player goes to portal, I see the upgrade animation, look at it and it’s level 21 again. Ban player but leave portal, since it’s a wrong level, but you can still only purchase normal things for normal prices.

Come back on today, take a look at the portal, now it’s owned by a different (non-admin) player, and has no base. Remove it and replace it, but it has no base but works normally (still shows as a level 21). Remove it, replace with a level 1 TP and upgrade it to level 6 and hope the player doesn’t show up again.

Now I have two Level 21 portals, they can only be placed on backwall otherwise they just collapse. Plus, they don’t show any base block, just the upper portal section. If you try and place a block where it’s supposed to be, it just despawns and goes back into inventory.


Thanks man, Glad you banned the perpetrator. One at a time, these script kiddies are being eliminated. :+1:


looks like skeeves gigantic empire is still online I guess. hope it haven’t died. haven’t been on in 2 years. how do I rejoin ??? I think my username was Moffat. I don’t remember what it was :thinking:


Yes the Empire is still going strong. It has its moments and there had been quite a lot of activity a couple of months back. Just join with your usual IGN to this link


FYI - I think SGE still has credit, but it’s stuck in limbo at the moment awaiting a kick from Dave or Milla.

As I’ve often promised, I will continue to fund and support this world indefinitely. If it ever goes out of credit simply let me know and I will gladly fund it for you without you having to spend your TC’s.


Update: SGE appears to be working now.


I heard that Skeeve had some ideas for new servers in the works for the next update, but is there any chance that he’ll bring some of the 1.7 material to SGE? A server of this caliber ought to be kept up-to-date, and such a move could possibly renew the influx of players.


Seeing as how it’s been around since what? 1.4? 1.3? I’m sure he’ll keep it up after 1.7. It probably will see more players in the future.


oh yes, I’ll be revisiting worlds more, no doubt, if my world ends up too much for me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s not quite correct, Jemni. Skeeve had run Skeeve’s Empire for that long, but when an update gave us 16x worlds he started Skeeves Gigantic Empire from scratch.
My guess is he might consider doing it again if 1.7 brings us another game changing feature (that requires a new world to be started). But I have little doubt there will be an Empire.

Plus Skeeves Expert Empire😂


I will try and maintain SGE, it’s just too much of a historical landmark to give up! However as Ronnie said, if 1.7 brings about any huge game changers I would like to start with a new world.

Btw, couple fun facts:

The original Skeeve’s Empire began October 2013 with the release of version 1.4. I had played since version 1.0 but never started my own server until then. The mayhem in version 1.3 was a lot of fun.

Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire began April 2014 with release of 1.5. But the blacklist from the original empire was copied over so there are literally 1000’s of devices still banned to this day. I think maybe some of these bans are no longer necessary because in the early days we would ban people just for chopping down a tree at the base… protection signs have eliminated that now.


Better start thinking about making Skeeve’s Colossal Empire :slight_smile:


Ashamed to admit…
that I’ve never visited SGE. :see_no_evil:

Field trip soon.


Oh yes, you must come be a tourist there like me. I still haven’t built my embassy or even a hut. Trying to get to Skeeve’s palace. (very slowly)


The Grand Imperial Palace is an awesome spectacle! Located at ante spawn 3200 TC away it is one of the most magnificent structures ever built in the game.
@Vladmirangel built it a couple years ago and today it still stands.

The power generation nodes never seemed to work properly due to limits on electrical travel, but nonetheless the electric work benches operate there with few problems.

Above the palace is a gigantic floating inventory warehouse also built by Vlad. And underground are these eerie catacombs with grave sites named after banned players. Truly awesome tourist attraction.


Awesome. Vladmirangel is an admirable builder.


That reminds me…a large portion of the top of Skeeve’s Palace is currently unprotected. Griefers probably won’t make it that far, but the odd intrepid adventurer may be tempted to grab a souvenir. One block goes missing…then another…you’ve seen the gold capstones on the Egyptian pyramids, right? No.
I don’t know if anything can be done about this for a while, but it’s worth mentioning.


Is this a one hit… survival realm? Like sgc?


No thu. It’s a nice world😂


Lol. Phew! :sweat_smile: