Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Here’s a sneak peak I pulled from one of the posts way, way above in this very thread.

But after seeing what you’ve done with Atmos, visiting SGE must be like visiting a county park :joy:


Is it going to be an organised tour to visit the palace by handcar and/or train?


Oh my god that’s insane. I’m gonna do it


I must continue my journey, I got sidetracked by something and haven visited for ages.


Field trip!


And stop by to see Smurfette & my base at 1600 right of spawn and the other little huts I built along the way & some Celtics and … … oh oh oh… the trolls a the palace… you gotta check out what vlad put in their chests LOL

FIELD TRIP!!! NOW??? he he he


Sure why not :blush::tulip:
Who else would like to meet up for a field trip and history/story time with Caron showing the way??


Hope you guys have Jet Packs.
Well most of you are Admins…you know what to do :wink:


Ugh. Missed the field trip. (isn’t that some kind of nightmare you have as a kid?)

Actually had stuff to do last night, but I’ll be going on at points today, if anyone wants to try to do a makeup field trip. I suspect I’ll be having to go a long way before hitting one of you guys to the right (assuming). Maybe, I’ll just grab a cart and ride it to the right all day while I’m celebrating Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone that applies to. :blush:


Thanks ThuThu👍🏻 Having a good time with my little pixel artist who is working on a new My Little Pony character.


Don’t forget Notre Dame by @Vladmirangel. Also a can’t miss structure


Hi guys, I recently demolished the old Catacombs under the gold palace. lets just hope my school doesnt bother me too much until i finish up on a few things


Greetings Citizens!

Beta testing just began at about 3am GMT today Tuesday August 8th

As a result, as I delve into my responsibilities as a tester I will rarely, if ever, be making an appearance on SGE until our job is done.

Meanwhile, rest assured, SGE will continue and be better than it ever was!


16 days into Beta testing and we still have a lot of work.

But you all are gonna love this update! Just give us time to squash the serious bugs.

Now, the purpose of this post is to let all the players of SGE know that at some point prior to release of 1.7 I will be shutting down the world for small periods of time in order to give spawn a complete overhaul in preparation of the new update.

If you see that SGE is either whitelisted or password protected, do not fear…this only means it is being worked on for your greater enjoyment to align with 1.7 features.

It’s gonna be awesome. No exaggeration. At all.


ohhhh, are you able to give info to let us world owners prepare as well?? if you called into my world to see my spawn, would you change anything?


Unfair advantage wth :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:

Never mind I’m not angry :slight_smile::slight_smile:️ Issok


Spawn has been due for an overhaul for over a year now anyway, even without the update. I’m just taking the opportunity to redesign it and then have a Grand Reopening of SGE with release of 1.7.

And also I’m still contemplating a brand new server for expert mode.

Oh and Caron, sorry, can’t give any info away, but even if you did nothing to change your world, the update will still be awesome for it. Some changes you will want to make right away can take just five minutes.


Can I take a very small peak?




Greetings Faithful Citizens of SGE!

I have taken measurements for the new planned Spawn Building and here is a list of the buildings affected which may need to be demolished:

  • Mr. Black’s Kentucky Fried Dodo Building.
  • MdLewis Admin floating building above spawn
  • The current Workbench/Golden Bed crafting building
  • Part of the old PvP Arena (but maybe all of it)

Mr. Black’s KFD building is kind of a historic landmark on SGE - I hate to demolish it, so perhaps some volunteers out there can take the design and copy it elsewhere? If so, I’ll remove the painting and put it on a shelf for you.

The purpose of the Crafting building will be incorporated into the new spawn design.

The other 2 buildings are not really being used these days. And besides, I turned PvP off long ago.

Additionally - the beautiful floating palace build by DatPratt which is way above spawn, might look very out of place above the new spawn building - so it may need to go as well, or perhaps be modified. We’ll see how it looks first.

And now for a little teaser

I think I will be creating an Expert Mode world after release of 1.7.
I don’t really want to be running 2 or 3 worlds for very long so here’s how it’s all gonna break down:

  1. SGE will continue indefinitely.
  2. SGC will be topped off with credit (90 days or so) but after that, I will no longer maintain it.
  3. New 1.7 Expert Mode world to be created and maintained for as long as it remains active. By active, I mean at least 1 player a day. This world is going to be an order of magnitude more difficult than even SGC - so be warned. It will require patience - and long periods of boredom, but if you survive and thrive, you can call yourself the ultimate blockheads expert. Perhaps we’ll have a graduation ceremony - this is your PhD dissertation in Blockheads!


oh dear… enticing but frightening Skeeve… LOL

I’ll take the KFD painting please… I have built the KFD else where, but now I forget, but will gladly transfer to my world… Place painting in a safe at spawn please? Or let me know where my spawn BH needs to go get it… Out of the building itself! LOL

Edit: I have the paint g in my pc if it has to go to someone else…