Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Greetings Faithful Citizens of SGE!

I have taken measurements for the new planned Spawn Building and here is a list of the buildings affected which may need to be demolished:

  • Mr. Black’s Kentucky Fried Dodo Building.
  • MdLewis Admin floating building above spawn
  • The current Workbench/Golden Bed crafting building
  • Part of the old PvP Arena (but maybe all of it)

Mr. Black’s KFD building is kind of a historic landmark on SGE - I hate to demolish it, so perhaps some volunteers out there can take the design and copy it elsewhere? If so, I’ll remove the painting and put it on a shelf for you.

The purpose of the Crafting building will be incorporated into the new spawn design.

The other 2 buildings are not really being used these days. And besides, I turned PvP off long ago.

Additionally - the beautiful floating palace build by DatPratt which is way above spawn, might look very out of place above the new spawn building - so it may need to go as well, or perhaps be modified. We’ll see how it looks first.

And now for a little teaser

I think I will be creating an Expert Mode world after release of 1.7.
I don’t really want to be running 2 or 3 worlds for very long so here’s how it’s all gonna break down:

  1. SGE will continue indefinitely.
  2. SGC will be topped off with credit (90 days or so) but after that, I will no longer maintain it.
  3. New 1.7 Expert Mode world to be created and maintained for as long as it remains active. By active, I mean at least 1 player a day. This world is going to be an order of magnitude more difficult than even SGC - so be warned. It will require patience - and long periods of boredom, but if you survive and thrive, you can call yourself the ultimate blockheads expert. Perhaps we’ll have a graduation ceremony - this is your PhD dissertation in Blockheads!


oh dear… enticing but frightening Skeeve… LOL

I’ll take the KFD painting please… I have built the KFD else where, but now I forget, but will gladly transfer to my world… Place painting in a safe at spawn please? Or let me know where my spawn BH needs to go get it… Out of the building itself! LOL

Edit: I have the paint g in my pc if it has to go to someone else…


Photo taken October 29 2014
I have all the images from the original KFD so can now make it like it was in 2014…
I will make it along the tracks a bit further -----> unless told otherwise… (& will make it on my server…)


Terrific Caron! Wow, it really looked much better in 2014.
I may need to re craft those paintings, but shouldnt take too long.


Hey Caron - I don’t have Mr.Black’s original paintings - but I found some pictures which are pretty close - would you like to try and re-craft them?

I can also try later this evening after work. I have all the paint pigments, oil, linen, wood I need, it’s just a matter of queuing up all the crafting.

Here are the pictures:


I never knew I had franchisees!

And apparently we’ve been running since October of 2014? Who knew?


Maybe even as early as April 2014👍🏻


Finally Finished My new Build


@Deefaa… this is the main SGE thread :grinning:


Ok thank you again for your patience :smiley:


On this thread, anyone & everyone can see your posts… :smiley: Take your time, no rush. But it is good to have a means of contacting you in case there’s griefing or something going down on SGE… ParTay!!! Can’t have you missing out on parties…oh, It’s Skeeves Bday soon… I not baked or anything!!! *sigh… yet.


Okee dokee


Awh, we’ve missed planning for his party again @Caronhere :flushed:

Surely next year!! Third time’s a charm right?? Maybe on Expert Mode? With a special birthday cake and a non-stop party of the Empire?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am new to this server and I found a golden chest with super shops and a coloured chest (with other stuff) in it. Who do I contact for this issue?

Update: I have talked to a mod in game about it and the problem is solved.


Wait… Is SGE vanilla?


Yes it is


I Still like to roleplay SGE as really a country with a government providing infrastructure for its citizens.
So far im pleased with what the government is providing
-The TC Address system that allows us to easily locate stuff
-And the opportunity to get out of poverty (Spawn trade portal, crafting stations, beds, trees for food)


I’m loving SGE and glad I finally graduated myself up from SP only. Y’all are a great bunch to work and play with.

By the way @Vladmirangel
I had said “challenge accepted” to your offer of chests of platvfor finding and surfacing a cave Troll… well, I found one and I named him George. Now to surface him.

I’ll love him and squeeze him and call him George!!!


noted, will go online.


Surfaced as promised. I made him a nice little cell that feels like a marble cave. Even jeweled it up for him. Owner only trap doors lead in yet he should still be able to be viewed by passer bys.