Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Seems like a nice place for him, i won’t enslave your pal george (in SGE accountancy) since he seems happy there.

@Skeeve can we rewrite the rules to not only protect gem trees, but also cave trolls? at the moment i struck a deal with stormrhyder of a safe of Plat for every protected Cave Troll.

EDIT: Lol so the government is now protecting “indeginous tribes” in the Empire


I will still leave it up to the finder. If the finder wants to kill the troll she discovers, so be it. If she wants to protect it, then we can put a protection sign over an enclosure.


Track issue. Someone has sand on rails.
It’s a protected area too.


Thanks, I’ll see if I can get there to remove.
What was the nearest mile marker?


map says 500, what we dont know is if its the new or old system

btw are we even sure that black sand is blocking the way? ive seen some cases where rails are hidden under blocks and they work fine

judging by the protection signs and that village with builds, thats prolly a train station chair thing.


It doesn‘t block the rails


Yeah, if they were blocking the rails, the rails would incline to form a ramp as they always do without the elevator/rail trick.


I’m not sure if that trick is going to work after 1.7. It’s ok to leave for now though. I have a feeling that if we start to remove them ahead of 1.7, it might turn out that it was unnecessary.


@Skeeve can you please get an admin to protect my home, it was destroyed yesterday and I had to rebuild it which cost lots of my cash ;-;


Is anyone else having trouble logging in. I’ve tried and my app crashes.


Yes, app is crashing. When I do get further it asks for TC


@LoRdCzAr - if you find an admin online you can ask one of them, but if not just send me a PM with the closest mile marker to your base. Also leave a wooden sign with the message “Protection Sign Here”.

As a reminder - all players wanting protection signs are required by the rules to craft their own signs on Single Player and bring them through a portal chest.
This requirement is in place to prevent non-serious players from gaining protection.


Yes Mr. Emperor @Skeeve and Mr. Senator @Vladmirangel
I have found yet another of the endangered, indigenous natives of this grand Empire! He is safe enough for now and I’ll soon surface him into a nice secure home at surface.

So Mr. Senator, offer still good for a safe of plat, or was that a one time deal? :sunglasses:


thing is im quite busy atm with college and cant come online much. too many projects dumped on us and not enough sleep time to do anything comfortably.


Take care of your self and responsibilities of course. No worries added to ya from me. :blush:

I’ll be here to harrass ya when you have time to be online. :smirk::wink:


I have constructed my first building on SGE and look forward to doing more :3


That’s cool!


I started a bridge. I can only play on weekends, so any help would be loved! ((no protection signs plez tho))


you want that bridge protected in the future?
Grammar Nazi incoming:


Sure, when it is fully completed.

Until then the signs would be problematic