Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Server is asking for crystals to keep playing again !!


The bridge has been completely redone :3


23 Towers

Copper Wire

72 Copper Wire between each tower
24 Sets of Suspension wire
1728 Copper Wire crafted to make this bridge
18 Sets of Copper Wire Crafted
360 Copper Ingots bought from trade portal


28 stone used per suspension set ((672 Total))
32 Stone used per tower ((736 Total))
1408 Stone used on bridge
About 14 Stacks of Stone Purchased

On Map

East Wing

West Wing

A tower

Lighthouse on Bridge


Wait - that was you? :smiley: I didn’t realize your IGN was different.


As sent inworld chat.
I messed up my login and now have come in as a noob. IP address can show it’s me. How can I get my inventory back & (access my) placed items?"

I logged in from my iPad and used a different name so as to start fresh. ((Edited to add:I did so so as to experience the world anew, helping my phones account do some work later as well. Not to have an unknown alt.)) When I went to login from my phone I came in as a noob.

No access to my BH’s, my inventory, and I assume no access to my places items. :persevere:


This is a problem that I cannot solve from my end. You’ll have to contact Milla via a private message.
Provide your support ID as well, she will need that to link to your previous game name and support ID.

What I think may have happened is that your support ID inadvertently changed.
This happened to me as well and although Milla did fix it, I am still unable to log in under certain old names and aliases I used to use. Fortunately, my main name “skeeve” still works fine.


Why im banned? Whats the reason? Tell me plss.


Idk. But you should PM Skeeve about it. Usually bans are not discussed on the open forum.


Sorry i already pm skeeve i hope he answer me. Thanks for reminder


Just so there’s no confusion in the future;
Colored Pole Items are not allowed on SGE. They represent an altering of the game files which we don’t allow. I know it’s extremely minor and has no affect on gameplay, but the thinking behind this is that if you can alter the game files in this way, we are suspicious about what else you might do.


I like your world. I have built a base and begun my thing. so far I found titanium


Skeeve, is it me or is the land in the ocean rich in titanium because I never have found this much within a days time. I got three blocks from a gem pick


16x worlds have lots of ore! :grin:


Titanium is one of those ores where it doesn’t matter where you are - its rarity is the same. But it does tend to form in small clumps so if you see one deposit there may be more nearby.


hey skeeve. are you going to update the op in the future?


For this thread? Haha, I can’t believe how old that is. Wow. Well, yeah, I probably should.
SGE is gonna be 4 years old April 2018. How about that.


The thread.

The server lagging bad to the point it takes a while to do an action.

Edit: seems to have gotten better but I may be wrong.


Might have been doing the backup which requires a bazigabyte of storage space. :wink:


Oh my gosh.


Oh isn’t that gonna be better @jemnidad?


In 1.7, yes, that’s something that Dave improved was the data storage so that the super large worlds like SGE and some of my old servers will take up less space and backup and restore more cleanly.

I don’t think all lag issues have been resolved but those are usually more linked to connection issues.