Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


This is what I have from last time.


Completely unrecognizable from what it is now. :lol:
Sorry, I don’t want to log in to SGE until it’s fixed because as soon as I do, the 30-day rollback point gets moved and we don’t want to rollback to a point which is beyond the day it reset to Day 1 or we lose everything we’ve done up until now.


Any idea as to how much longer it will be before the rollback?


No idea, @milla will get to it when she can though.


Is there a type of insurance just Incase this happens ex: platinum coins.


Incase they can’t roleback to a sufficient date? Skeeve’s server would be broke for months to years! :lol:


If SGE can’t be restored, then we’re all exiled to my Expert World where we will all need to scratch out a living raising plants underground away from the bitter extreme cold and relentless one-hit-kill.


All my coins are at sge though :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I basically spent a lot of coins for my house. While I may still be at sge. I may move all my stuff out to a safer place.

You better owe me 9,000,000 plat by the end of the month. (Jk)


9 Million Plat, wow - the biggest collection of Platinum Coins I ever amassed was 250,000. :astonished:

I usually keep the bulk of my wealth on SP. It seems safer that way… well, until I lose my iPad that is.


Emperor skeeve and his subjects, once a powerful empire, now exiled to SGC after the king of bugs and glitches took over the empire…


I spilt mine between my phone and my iPad so if I lose one I am still good.


Alas, SGC would be a walk in the park compare to what His Majesty has in mind for our exile.

Coins would be the last thing we have on our minds in Expert mode XD


Sorry, playing catchup with my PMs. I’ll get onto this now.

Update: Done :slight_smile:


Hurray - we’re back everyone. Party on dudes!
(And Be Excellent to one another)


Ahh my base thought and moneys in sge :flushed::joy::joy::joy:


I’m ready to try your Expert mode. Bring it! :wink::blush:


If only Noodlecake would get their port to Android done. :roll_eyes:


Patience patience… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m afraid to ask someone if they have even started Beta testing yet because if the answer is “no” I think I will have to scratch my eyeballs out.