Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Did you notice Dave said in the new Ambience thread that Noodlecake is working hard on 1.7 and it will be released within the next few months?
It sounded as if he thinks it is a short time and therefore a good message😰


MONTHS!?!?!? :angry: :rage: :angry:



Yep months

Bad News

Android testing hasn’t started yet. :mad: :mad: :mad:


Yeah, I’m his post he said that they stated they “had done less work on full releases”, or something along those lines. (Which is pretty impressive…)


They are having too much fun with noodles and cakes right now.

Do you know how many rails were used to go around the world? :lol:


I think you may find your answer in this thread:


I also meant back and forth because I live next to one of those one-way rails.

And all the uphills and downhills.


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Fyi - looks like SGE is down, but I think it’s a Cloud Issue.
Any others having similar problems?


Yes, since last night.


Just wondering if your going to update the op?


Ok,remind me again in April on SGE’s 4th anniversary.


The Empire is up and running again


Mine has been down since the cloud issue several days ago and still is, did SGE fix itself or did you request it? @Skeeve


It seems to have fixed itself


Finally, after months of traveling…

I’ve circumnavigated SGE without a handcar, train, boat, jetpack, donkey, cup of coffee, golden bed, or pair of boots…that is to say, anything that affects my blockhead’s natural movement speed. I’m sure it’s been done before, but now it’s been done again.
The most exciting part of my journey took place near the South Pole, where temperatures had dropped to freezing. For some reason I hadn’t yet made a coat, and as I hunted for shelter I burned through stacks of food in an attempt to maintain my health. Finally, with two worms left and nothing more, I found a tunnel. Then I had to build to a nearby dropbear and fight it in my weakened state, using its fur to craft my much-needed coat.
My blockhead has travelled roughly 262 km. I forced him to do this to raise awareness for Blockheads Rights.
Now that that’s done, I can focus on 1.7.


Just in time! Great achievement👍🏻


Great job Arcturus! You did exactly what us early pioneers did long ago in April 2014. Getting to the other side of the world was a grueling, tedious experience.




Can I get the height of my protection signs increase?? There are three of them, and I’d like to use it to protect my donkey stables.

Location: 99TC left of spawn. Along railroad, above an ocean.