Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Mob corpses are in the game now?


We will get to requests to enlarge protection areas (or shrink them) eventually. Right now we are all just getting used to the new update. And many are trying Expert Mode.

If an admin is online ask once but don’t be a pest, they have right of refusal. I may be able to help you myself in between deaths on Skeeve’s Exile.


I believe they are just sleeping.


Sleeping mobs are in the game now?


Yes. :smiley:


Did someone put a Unicorn at my donkeys’ stables?


Hmm thats weird that if your donkey breed itself then accident happened unicorn spawn :open_mouth: cool right whats unicorn color?


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I believe this belongs in a private message. Please do not name and shame people.


Sorry. Thanks for the friendly advice/warning. :slight_smile:


Your welcome :slight_smile:


Hey. Can I have the world link to it? I can’t search it cuz the name is really too long


Have you tried only searching for “SKEEVES”? The world pops up for me.


Ohhhhh… I’ll try that, ty




Hi folks!
Well SGE has only 1 day of credit left. But fear not! Although I may let it go out of credit from time to time, if anyone wants to play there and finds it out of credit, simply PM me!

As a historical landmark of Blockheads…and STILL the only 16x world with a circumnavigating railway, I am committed to maintaining funding.

Long Live the Empire!!


Phew. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:. I play there DAILY!


Long live the empire! :grin:


A strange but benevolent event has just happened to the Empire…
As I logged on just now to see how many hours of credit were left and prepared to add more…suddenly, SGE has been bestowed with a 30-day lease on life!

Whoever did so, the mighty empire is in your debt and perhaps we will build a monument in your honor! Except hopefully I won’t be the builder… I would probably build the sort of monument that looks like it came out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Can whoever added credit please PM me, so we can work out how I can credit them. I’ve made this world a heritage world, and as such will sponsor it. This means the benevolent soul who added the credit is out of pocket.