Cloud world: Skeeve's Gigantic Empire


Sounds like something Spock from Star Trek would say… :lol:


Wow STAR WARS would be awesome


So anyway, a week or so ago, someone lead one of my blockheads all the way to this location. To their village, in Skeeves Gigantic Empire server.

I bough all kinds of stuff from their shops, watched over their donkey farm and secretly added a white donkey in there to speed up the process. They had red, orange and yellow donkeys.

Then to really try something, in an area that snows, I placed a couple gems to see if they notice anything. I know they are somewhat active, because they removed a trapdoor I so kindly placed down. (I didn’t know trapdoors can’t become compost blocks)

And they put a bit of a roof over a portal I made for them. (They were the ones that told me where to place it though)

I’m thinking of making a prett build right next to them, or I change all their buildings into other blocks, than wood. Maybe Marble for my build.

So anyway, the question is, do any of you own this place?



I’m not sure it is a good idea to change the blocks without the owner’s approval. The village owner, not the server owner that is.


I’m pretty sure I know who’s it is. They invited me there.


I talked to the owner and they are strictly against you modifying their village. We are currently trying to figure out how both of you can get in contact


Does anyone play on this server anymore? Nobody is ever on, and it looks awesome…


Sometimes, it’s past it’s prime, but you could spend a week exploring it, maybe more since it is over 4 years old.

If you can get a hand cart, the railway circumnavigates the world. The only 16x server with such a railway to date.


the server is very cool but inactive


I go there sometimes. I have five blockheads and I used to use it to help new players or for trading.