Cloud World: Skeeve's Mars Base - A totally unique multi-player scenario!


[SIZE=3]Announcing the opening of a new, unique Multi-Player experience[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][U]Skeeve’s Mars Base[/U][/SIZE]

This latest Cloud World of mine combines elements of Skeeve’s Moon (a psuedo-1/16th size world) with Ronnie’s idea for Single Player called “Fallout Shelter”.

[U]The Scenario:[/U]
A small team of intrepid explorers has set up a new base on Mars. The environment is inhospitable for life here, so your job is to terraform it and make it thrive! At first, the livable space will be very tiny (represented by only the 31x31 block area around Spawn). As new players arrive on Mars, I will designate new 31x31 areas of ownership to their names. These zones will be referred to as Sectors.

[U]The Rules:[/U]

  1. This world, as with all of my worlds, is open to the public. However, in order to prove your worthiness to have a sector of your own, you must first craft a Portal Chest. The Spawn Sector has all workbenches fully upgraded, a Level 6 Trade Portal and a Diamond Portal, so even a total noob should be able to accomplish this. The 220 TC cost ensures that you have a vested interest in this world, therefore NO SHARING PC’s!

  2. Once you’ve got a Portal Chest, PM or Email me and I will grant you a sector in your name. Note: You might not always get the sector of your choice, but I will do my best to give you the sector you prefer, but all new sectors must be adjacent to either Spawn, or another owned sector. (to represent Modular Colonization)

  3. Please be patient, it will take time for me to create your sector because I have to block off all virgin territory surrounding your sector with 3 more ownership signs.

  4. If you find a gap in any wall leading to the rest of the world please let me know and please don’t go there (it ruins the modular colonization, hostile environment theme of this world).

  5. IMPORTANT: As this Mars Base grows with more and more players, I will request that you build access zones, corridors, doors or trapdoors from your territory to other player’s territories. PvP will be off, this is a Cooperative World, so help each other out. If you wish to totally block off your territory from other players, then I will assign you a Sector on the “Frontier”, with as few neighbors as possible. But I’d rather not have to go through the effort to do this.

  6. Multiple sectors will be allowed, but only after the first 2 weeks. I want to give everyone a chance to get established first. If the influx of new players continues to be high after 2 weeks then I will extend this to a month. Once things slow down, I will grant additional sectors to existing players on a first come first serve basis. (If I haven’t gone crazy by then!)

  7. There will be no Admins except myself, and even I will play as a regular player. The reason is because Admins can traverse the protection sign boundaries and we truly want this to feel like a Mars Colony base.

  8. Sectors will be referred to with an X,Y coordinate system as follows: X will be the a whole number with an “L” or “R” indicating position left or right of spawn. Y will be a whole number indicating how far above or below Spawn. “Super” means above spawn, “Sub” means below Spawn. So… if I say I have
    assigned you Sub-sector L3,2 it means I gave you the 3rd Sector left of Spawn, 2 sectors below. If I just say, I’ve assigned you sector R1 - it means 1st sector right of spawn, same level. If I say Supersector R4,3, it’s 4 right, 3 sectors up from spawn. If this is confusing, I will try and provide
    more pictures on the forums to illustrate.

Oh, By the way, I have placed the Spawn protection sector so it is exactly centered at Sea Level.


  1. I recommend that you make your sector fully accessible to other players, keeping your valuables in safes or cabinets. Remember - the sector you own cannot be modified by other players, so you don’t have to worry about griefing! (Except maybe from your neighbor above who might flood you - but this is against the spirit of this world and I will deal with that person accordingly).

  2. Consider making your sector specialize in something. For example, you could be the Mars Coffee Sector, or Woodworks factory, or maybe the supplier of high-quality Mars Jetpacks! The idea here is to cooperate with each other as a team. (Totally different from Skeeve’s Moon, by the way).

  3. Or you could just make your sector a work of Pixel Art - perhaps expanding later once we allow multiple sectors per player. In any event - I know you will all wow and surprise me.

To contact me, either use the PM system here, or my email address from the Welcome Page.

Hope you all Enjoy Skeeve’s Mars Base!!

Below is a picture of the Sector System. The Ownership Signs are placed to create an array of 31x31 grids to represent each sector.

Here is a picture of the Spawn Sector (Also known as Sector Zero). It is the only sign with ownership to me. Ownership signs that say “Owned by -You-” mean that your name can potentially be assigned.

Now - I only hope I don’t regret all the work and maintenance this server is going to cost me!! :slight_smile:
Have fun folks - it will be opening today within about an hour of this post.

The world is officially open to the public and here’s the link:’S%20MARS%20BASE

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Ohhh I’ll be joining. Sounds fun :slight_smile:

Link plz I can’t search it :0

Link will be posted shortly! (It will also be public & searchable, too)

Ohhh Okies taps finger eagerly lol

I might look into this if I have some reason to use 220 TCs.

World is now public - link is posted at the bottom of the OP!

Could you run the copper cables to the edges so the sector power can run off the main grid?

I’ll be sure to join this, but I don’t really get the Fallout Shelter part of this world?

Sector 00-2C.

It’s loosely based on the idea that the environment is hostile, but instead of going underground, we build Colony Modules using Protection Signs. Each Gridded area represents a “habitable” environment. It’s a stretch, I know, but the idea sprung out of Ronnie’s idea.

So we don’t have to move underground? That makes it easier :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a bit of an issue in my power supply. There’s one critical wire that I can’t change (outside of my zone) that is not there.

If Skeeve comes on, could he please add a copper cable in the upper left corner of 00-2B (Spawn)?

Joined the server. The idea is pretty cool, and I’ll just need to get a portal chest now. Apparently the tc video crash bug happens ony my phone too now, so this might take some extra time ._.

I’m keen to give this a go :slight_smile:

Yet another cool idea by Skeeve. I wish I had more time, but I really have to limit myself nowadays. So many projects went untouched over the summer.

Sorry about that - I forgot that electricity won’t go through elevator motors. It’s fixed now, but I borrowed one of your copper wires to do the job.

Yup! Sectors go Above, Below, and on Ground.

FYI folks - I’ve given out about 4 Ownership signs so far. More requests are coming in. It will take me a while to address each one, but don’t worry, you’ll get one. I have an automatic alert when I get a new PM, so if I don’t address your request right away, it just means I can’t come online at the moment, but I did get the message.

I can see some impressive work already being done so far - great going! :smiley:

Very interesting Skeeve! I shall join.

Spawn Power Grid now has extra solar panels!

So like The Martian if he hadn’t been stranded? Cool. What about modules for separate duties, like a power module or a farm module?

I’m definitely interested. I’ll be on :slight_smile: