Cloud World: Skeeve's Paradise (a Blockheads social experiment)

Hi everyone - no I haven’t really created a new server, I just Migrated an old Private 16x Server I made a long time ago (Grand Paradise) to Custom Rules, made it public and renamed it to Skeeve’s Paradise!

In contrast to most of my worlds, this one is customized to rather easy, relaxing settings:

But notice the catch?
World Modification: Admin Only

This World is basically a Blockheads social experiment: Can a world in which all regular players are Admins become organized and stable or will it rapidly descend into chaos?

There are just a few rules designed to maintain basic stability:

  1. Admins are not allowed to use the /Ban, /Kick, /Unadmin, /Unban, or any of the /Clear commands! (Banning can only be done by the owner through the Report function). Unauthorized banning results in being banned. See rule #5 for an exception.

  2. Admins are not allowed to change any Customized World Setting or the Welcome page.

  3. Admins must admin new players. (But they can first quiz them on the rules - anyone copping an attitude need not be Admined)

  4. There will be some who abuse their Admin privilege and Clear the Blacklist, Adminlist, etc. Should this happen, just PM me. It may take up to 24 hours to fix, longer on weekends.

  5. Anyone with a pornographic profile pic may been banned as an exception to rule #1, but please get a screen shot and send to me as proof that it wasn’t an unauthorized ban. I will forward to support for a cloud-ban.

The First 5 people who request here in this thread will be made the “seed” group of Admins.
After that - the experiment is on its own! I will only be involved with dealing with Reports and restoring the lists if needed.

Good Luck!

And Here are some pics of the Virgin Spawn:

Wow… Just when I got good on skeeves challeng… Now everyone will go to that server…

May I be in please? I will use my usual IGN. Thanks.
However I can’t be sure how much time I could devote to this world as there are so many that are demanding my attention :tongue:

I’m very interested! I will use my original Ign as usual :cheerful:

Ok Ladies - Both admined!

Deathguy - I wasn’t sure if you wanted in or not so I didn’t admin you yet.
(also, not sure what IGN you would use)

skeeve may i join too please i have many ideas and my ign nisheal as usal

Nisheal, you are Admin #3

Two more Admins to go and then it’s hands-off for me.

Oooh I’d love to be a part of this. IGN ManKoala

tha a lot skeeve

Done - you are #4. One more slot left, and after that any additional Admins will have to be Admined by the existing Admins. (Hope you got that :))

Update: Just checked the Admin list and there are more than 5 already, so I leave all future additions of Admins to the existing Admins!

Curious to see where this experiment takes us. Good luck!

yes so we admin every kind person who comes on the server right?

Yup, anyone who you feel legitimately wants to play. You shouldn’t deny it without good reason.

It’s risky: They might immediately ban you. But I will eventually reverse that ban and ban them.

awww, I’m too late to get in on the initial round. Guess I’ll have to hope an admin is on when I get there.

The list has grown to 8 now. I’m sure you’ll find one of those 8 online soon enough so you can become #9.

Grrrr…I missed the initial signup :frowning:

I’ll try to get on later today.

I don’t want to be admin just wanna play

That’s the idea Deathguy - in order to do anything in this world you have to be an Admin!
Otherwise you can just walk around and look at things…:lol:

ugh… I just adminned a kid. Her first question after becoming an admin? "can I have stuff?"
Next question "can I live with you?"
followed by “will you live with me?”
“Can I have stuff?”

I’m ready to quit this server. lol

Ill join this
Not sure if ill be on much tbh but ill join
I use same ign as my account name

My ign is Death Guy 24 and sometimes Death guys help