Cloud World: Skylands Arena



Sorry about last night Mage, I got disconnected right as I was reaching you and couldn’t get back on until later.
Hopefully you got a handcar from somebody.


Hello all you handcar fans out there. I finally made my own video on this server doing some handcar riding to showcase both the new race course as well as a little detour in the Pyramid Park parkour arena. I hope you like it. Hopefully more will follow, showing different courses, tricks and games.


Looks amazing jem jem! :smiley:


Attention! Skylands Arena will be hosting a Halloween event tomorrow, sponsored by one of our admins. Tune back in tomorrow for details. Costumes are for sale at the Sublantis city area. Get them while they last. (BTW, Sublantis is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, right of spawn. Big sign, can’t miss it.)

Also, TWO new handcar courses have been completed recently. One is the Tardis Track, conveniently above Sublantis). The second is still a work in progress…the Trick Track to try out all the handcar tricks I can think of. For this track go further right from Sublantis and at the sandy shaft, head up. There’s a bit of parkour to get there to warm you up. If you pass the narwhal, you’ve gone too far. Although I’m still adding to it, there are a lot of tricks to try out. Look for the signs as guides on what to do.


Not only does Skylands Arena have fun handcar sports and other minigames like fishing golf, and boat submarine maze…

Not only does Skylands Arena have a Golden Streak Award for Best Pixel Art/Handcar server…

…we also have what I think is a pretty good economy and social gameplay going on.

I saw this is chat today and thought it was a testament to the latter.

P AND B: I have a friend here. We could visit her, sir.
P AND B: She works at a local cafe, I just don’t know where.

These simple lines could have been uttered by two friends on the street of a real city, trying to meet up with another friend. And THAT is why I prefer not to have maxed trade portals near spawn, and oodles of starter stuff for everyone. With some pocket change and transportation, what can you do in the “big city” Arena?


It’s really nice, I just wish that there were a few more people to hand out kits.


Do you not have a handcar yet? The “kits” are just one plat coin and a handcar. A resourceful player can probably make some money at a trade portal and afford a handcar.

I can craft a handcar with 12 x 33copper (for iron ore), 12 x 5 copper (for coal), 2 x 3 copper (for limestone, or go mine this yourself for free), and 2 wood (free from a tree if you ask nicely).

How do I do this you ask? Make crushed limestone from the 2 blocks of limestone. Craft pig iron using iron ore and crushed limestone. Then craft iron from the pig iron, and steel from the iron. You’ll get 12 steel ingots, just enough to make 4 train wheels. Take that and the wood and craft a handcar. All this for less than 5 gold coins.


Yes, I know that the kits are just a handcar and a platinum coin. Yes, I have not received a handcar but that’s probably because I don’t really get on that much.

Yes, I know the methods of making money, and obtaining most things. But I haven’t got enough time, I just wanted to get on and jump on a handcar. [emoji14]


I’m surprised there wasn’t even a mod online. But 1.6.1 has dwindled the player numbers a bit.



New for 2016, we are starting a new season with revised race scoring.
[EDIT: revising points awarded]

Handcar racers will now have ranks as well as points. You advance 1 rank or level by beating a racer with an equal or higher rank than you. Levels are indicated by a gem, from amethyst to diamond and then metal: gold, titanium, platinum. You also get a point award equal to the number of racers (like earlier seasons, OR the highest level racer whom you beat, whichever is higher. In addition, you can opt to receive the same value of prize paid by the racer you beat. I.e. if you beat a diamond racer, you get a diamond to keep. New players may care about this more than admins.

This may sound complicated but I think it’s pretty easy to follow and let’s new racers get some high points quickly if they are skilled, even in 2 person races.

A few examples:
Racer 1 has raced before and is a level 2 racer. His name will be on the board at the palace just before the finish line, with a sapphire next to it and a cabinet for how many points he has.

Racer 2 has never raced before, but has ridden the course so he’s ready to race. (Riding the course to know the layout is rather important. Hint, hint).

They race and racer 2 wins! He goes up from 0 level rider to level 1, Amethyst. He also gets a sapphire on the points board and racer 2 must give him a sapphire to keep. If racer 1 had won the race instead, no levels would be gained, and Racer 1 would keep his sapphire.

Example 2: Racer 1 and racer 2 are both diamond level racers. Whoever wins goes up to gold level, scores a diamond on their points and gets a diamond from the other racer to keep.

Example 3: 5 level 1 racers race each other. The winner gets a diamond on his points. 2nd place gets a ruby, and so on. Every racer but last place goes up a level to level 2.

This is all rather experimental and fun, so come try your hand at handcar racing and give me some feedback, please. Races happen whenever 2 or more racers are ready to race.

Additionally, the race course above spawn has been further revised for some improved skill riding (nothing hard or deadly). There is now a slalom section which no two riders will ride exactly the same way before dropping into a 2 path option and an additional water jump.


Hey. I came to announce that skylands arena is unavailable for some odd reason. It’s due to an error.


Eek! I hate it when this happens. Hope this gets fixed soon… Needs to be licked by Milla lololol


I’ve submitted a support request. I’m sure she has a lot of servers to lick and we’re in the queue.

In server news: The January Races have come to a close and we have a 2 way tie for the leaders: Ingeniare and Aron1998. Once the server is back up, we have a 2 rider championship race to name the overall winner.

The ranking system was a lot of fun, and sparked some competition among a lot of new riders. The new slalom addition to the course also opened the door for a few dark horses to sneak up and steal the lead. It can either slow you down, or really speed you up, depending on how you enter them, and how you ride them.

For the February race season we will keep the level ranking system but everyone will start over as unranked again. The system is as follows:
Level 1: Amethyst (placed on the board next to your name sign)
Level 2: Sapphire
Level 3: Emerald
Level 4: Ruby
Level 5: Diamond
Levels 6-9: Bronze (ingots in a cabinet indicate Bronze1 - Bronze4)
Levels 10-13: Gold (coins in a cabinet indicate Gold1 - Gold4
Levels 14-17: Titanium (bars in cabinet)
Levels 18-21: Platinum (highest rank achievable)

Prizes will be awarded for all the riders reaching the Metal status.

Race points will undergo a slight revision again. It was nice to upgrade a race between advanced riders, but became a little too overpowered near the end. We will go back to a base point dependent on the number of riders. Sapphire (2 point) for a 2 person race. Diamond for 5 riders. The new twist is that finishers get an upgraded point award for each Metal rider they beat. Let’s say you win a 5 personal race with 1 bronze rider in the fray. Your diamond gets upgraded to a bronze ingot for 6 points on the board. This means a 2 person race could be worth a maximum of 3 points, and a diamond race could be worth as much as 10 points if all riders were metal ranked ones.

Like before, if you beat a rider of equal rank or higher, you move up in rank.

If you have never raced on Arena before, don’t assume this is a simple flat race course where the fastest rider wins. If you know me, you know nothing I build is ever flat. This course keeps getting revised for new added challenges. It has switchbacks, jumps, a slalom, water pits and more. We will train anyone who wants to give it a try.


Anyone else having Skylands Arena withdrawal?

The server has been down for several days now (unavailable due to an error) and if it’s down for much longer, I may need to start a support group. I’m sure I’m not the only one. After all, it went down THE VERY DAY that this season’s much anticipated Handcar Championship Race was to take place (Aron vs. Ing), and just ONE DAY AFTER receiving an incredible, surprise birthday gift from Jem: a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater! (You’re thinking: “No Way!! He did not!!!” Yep. He did!).

So, if the Blockhead gods are kind… if they support good, clean sports and historically significant architecture (which I’m sure they do), please please please give Skylands Arena a reboot. Unless they make a patch for Arena Withdrawal… this may otherwise get ugly.


:whistling: Ok, to be honest, it wasn’t a replica. It was merely inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Believe me, I’m in major withdrawal as well.

On the plus side, we’re getting a lot done on Skylands Odyssey…


Close enough, Jem. I love my Fallingwater “inspired” house. xo

Yes… so much done on Odyssey (glass half full). It’s definitely going to be an incredible server… but still…

Just a reboot. One tiny reboot to regain sanity and kick back in my new house…


Not sure where to post this, but I think the right people will see this here.

I just completed the tasks on Skyland Adventure, placed the cabinet and everything… but it’s after 1am and I need to sleep. If anyone’s around who can tell me what I should do… … … lol. Thanks!!

EDIT: Nevermind, going to bed. Took back my display cabinet. I’ll try again tomorrow. Would appreciate suggestions for the best time of day (including GMT conversion if possible). Thanks!


Milla probably has a lot of other servers to lick, but I hope we haven’t been lost in the queue.

@Modifiedreality, sorry I wasn’t on there last night, but yes, you found a close enough thread to reach me. I’ll be on the console today. But if you leave the cabinet, the rewards can be granted for you.

Also, since you finished this, you might enjoy the next installment I’m creating, Skylands Odyssey. It’s still a work in progress but there are a number of challenges ready to try out, and at the end we expect more people to hang out and build stuff. I’ve added you to the whitelist so you can search and join. You might find me there if I’m not on Adventure.

Here’s the Skylands Adventure thread link if you want to leave any feedback about it:


I’m waiting for Dave to look into it. I can’t fix it. Sorry, Jemni, I thought I’d mailed you back to let you know this.


No, I never got any reply about it. DANG!!! :arrrrgh::arrrrgh::dead: