Cloud World: Skylands Arena


We are the premier handcar sports server. If you don’t believe me, just visit and see for yourself. We offer sports like Gem Dunk, racing, handcar golf, and basketball. We have handcar parkour courses, jump parks, a space plummet, water tracks and more.

Here’s a video of the server

It is public and searchable, owner: Jemni. or click the link in my profile.

This is a 4x cloud server. We have cool structures, a new handcar rail park and a city in the sky: Sky Falls. We like handcar tracks, pixel art, interesting floating base designs and having fun. Check it out.


  • The name of the game here is to survive in the sky. Buildings on the surface will not be protected unless specifically sanctioned.
  • Do not ask to be mod or admin; your request will be denied.
  • Build your own sky base AT LEAST 30 BLOCKS ABOVE THE SURFACE!!! Or, claim an available sky island, or attach a base to an existing sky city. Please try to blend in with the aesthetics and do not block handcar paths. Once you have a sky base constructed, ask an admin to protect it.
  • Benches and items underground are allowed. But do not leave wooden chests or shelves around. They are easily robbed.
  • No trade portals over level 4 near spawn. Advanced trade portals left unprotected will be confiscated.
  • Respect each other. No bad language, or offensive behavior/paintings allowed.
  • Finally, please THINK GREEN and leave the stumps or plant trees to continue growing.

When you spawn in, you will find the custom starter items of some coins, armor, jetpack and a handcar to start you off. After that we help as needed, but we like to play legit and expect players to craft and make a go of it on their own.

This server is part of my series of Skylands servers. See also Skylands Odyssey.


You mentioned in the rules not to ask to be admin or mod in two places.

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Oops, thanks.

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To celebrate, we are offering free jetpacks for a limited time only. Just say the passcode “handcar” when an admin is online. This may only last a day or two, so get one while it lasts.

Upcoming plans are to have a World Cup Handcar event once all the venues are complete, and now that the server is back, work will continue with those. Stay tuned.

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A lot has been going on in the past few weeks. I think it’s partly from the World Cup events because a lot of riders are racing and scoring points. But there are a lot of new players finding their way here and playing daily, which is AWESOME.

The latest news is that handcar tracks are expanding and parks are burgeoning. More players, not just me, are making new track parks.

Cece is working on one to the left. Gina has made one just to the right of spawn and up in the sky. Space Savana started one. CrashandBurn has an ongoing project. Bibliophile is starting one far to the right. I am working on an expert course under the 2nd ocean to the right and will start one over the right side of Atlantis next (for the talented rider, this will be a way to ride all the way up to the space jump). I also have plans to either alter the subway track for a better advantage to skillful riders, or make a new racetrack.

Completed courses:
The Pyramid Park (above spawn)
Subway Rally Track. We now have two options on the turnaround loop, red is the old way and easier. I extended it a bit and marked with yellow arrows the new path to follow if you want more challenge. You have to take a different ramp, and a few parkour jumps to merge with the slalom and slalom back down to rejoin for the return track back to spawn.
The Jemni parkour: This is up above the Loop. you need to fly to it. It’s short, but difficult.
Shark Track: this is a series of big jumps and underwater track traversing the Atlantic ocean (1st ocean right of spawn).
Handcar Water Course: Past Rising Atlantis in the Atlantic is a sand tube shaft going down. Starting platform is red marble and you need to know how to ride underwater. Jumps criss-cross the shaft all the way down to…where?

(not a handcar track) The Boat Maze: a boat obstacle maze starting from the bottom of the Water Course.
(not a handcar track) The Jetpack Maze: starting at a golden funnel to the left of slalom, this is a little maze for jetpacks, it links up to a swimming section (part of the Triathlon) and then to the lollipop maze.

@Milla could you rename the thread for me please to be the new server name Skylands Arena?

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Wow jemni! So much project at a time! I’ll sure be checking them out!


Black Diamond Parkour is now finished. Do not attempt without riding armor, kelp, and plenty of food. It is not a speed course, it is a slow, challenging course to test riding skill. If you don’t know how to ride underwater, it’s better to warm up on the Water Course which is on the way to the Black Diamond anyway. They are both to the right of spawn.

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Managed to find this via Random World. Very nice! Impressive rail designs. I’m still starting out, so I have been unable to test out the full potential. I don’t go by my forums name there.

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Oh, great. Which IGN are you?

Tourist’s guide to Skylands Arena:
I recommend running the length of the subway once you have a handcar. Then come back to spawn and from one end of the atrium, speed off the opposite side and see where it leads. On the right side of spawn, connected to the palace you’ll find the stairs up to Pyramid Park and the Gem Dunk court.

After you have a jetpack you can venture to the more challenging rail courses. The newest highlight is Cece’s new course, called The Fantasy. You’ll want to be equipped with extra handcars and food, just in case and you have to fly to get to it, but it’s just beyond the 2nd mountain to the left and up, above the golden bridge.

The Water Course is a fun one if you have the knack for submerged tracks. And Gina’s track above the little maze near spawn is fun for racing.

The community of Sky Falls has open “land” for building and a common work area for crafting. it’s above the Atlantic ocean to the right.

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Oooops. I didn’t see your post until after I’m almost to a pole. o_o
Fallen Flower is my IGN. Once I finish travelling the world, I’ll go do some handcar stuffs. Or I’ll set up a base first. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to need to learn how to use a handcar, first of all…

[edit] Made it to the North Pole! While I was there, I caused 2 crashes, so I swiftly moved away. Going to the next Equator, and making a sky base there. :slight_smile:
I had forgotten how much I love exploring. Ahh…

To anyone reading: I recommend this server. The admins are on daily, and one time I counted 5 of them online! They are kind, and enforce the rules. :slight_smile: Also, the handcar parks are extraordinary! o 3 o

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You could make a 2nd BH to hang out near the handcar event stuff.

Also, I provide free riding lessons. :smiley:

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Made it to the equator. :slight_smile: Gonna set up a base nearby on a gem island.

Here’s the picture of the Skirt of Happiness.

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The first round of rally racing has concluded and we have started Round 2. The scoring on this round will be a lot different and we have upgraded the rally track on one of the more boring parts to liven up the racing/crashing action. Not all paths are equal, but they all lead to the loop, merging before the turnaround.

Round 2 scoring is as follows:

Each race is worth a gem equivalent to the number of racers. 5 is the highest point value, earning a diamond for the winner. More racers still means it’s a diamond race. 2nd places gets the next lower gem in order, and so on.
So, if a race has 3 racers, the winner earns an emerald, 2nd gets sapphire and 3rd gets amethyst.
Admins will award you the proper gem and place it in your race award cabinet. You get 3 cabinets, and you’ll want to fill them up with the best gems possible. This means that there are only 12 slots to fill but you can replace gems with better ones. The Round 2 winner will be the one with the best gem total of the 12 slots.

##Other news.
Skyland Hills Golf Course is now open. It’s a 9 hole handcar golf course past the 2nd ocean right of spawn. It’s sort of a combination of handcar parkour and miniature golf.

Bibliophile and others have finished handcar park challenges. Biblio’s is notoriously hard, but very short. We have over a dozen courses now and it’s getting hard to keep track of the new ones. That’s a good thing. And they aren’t all created by me now. Which is also a good thing.

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Ok, I have been working furiously on holes 10-18 and finished up through 15 so far. I need ideas for the final three holes. I’ve been going with a sort of monster theme so some new monster ideas would be great, but not overly complex unless you want to come join and do some pixel art for me.

Holes 1-9 are: a simple hole, a disosaur, a windmill, no theme, a waterfall, a sky island hole, a castle, a dragon and then a beach scene.

Holes 10-15 get harder, most are par 3 and include: a kraken, a sea serpent, bat cave, dark cave, a scorpion, and a giant sand worm.

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This server is great and definitely deserves more players, what’s next coming up? hint hint (;

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I can only say I feel the need for speed.

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New video of the server by Red Eagle.



Congrats to the top racers of Season 2. The top 3 were

  1. Jemni (yeah, I had a lot practice)
  2. Weather99
  3. Sweet Bree

The full race totals are on the server.

For Season 3 I have devised a “NEW” course for racing excitement. It incorporates some key features around spawn, and one previously existing race course section. It’s also a full loop, rather than out and back. Some other cool features:

  1. Starts at spawn
  2. Jump past a troll and through a sky ship.
  3. A slalom ascending section.
  4. Stutter bumps
  5. Big jumps
  6. Water
  7. Ride through Pyramid Park.
  8. Jump across a gem tree AND a coffee tree. If you’re lucky, you can harvest while in midair.
  9. Finish is also at spawn.

Woohooo, let the races begin.

If you aren’t familiar with the race format, we race daily and the scores as up each time you place in any race. See above in this thread for details of how Season 2 was scored.

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Clothes&GO is officially built and opened on SKYLANDS ARENA! We’re located 12TCs left of spawn! Come shop the latest trends! You can also order online, link is in my sig. Enjoy shopping with Clothes&GO!
We look forward to a successful and amazing start at Skylands Arena. Have fun!

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It looks great Smeegle:D. I’ll be sure to buy some dyed clothes soon:). Love the emerald tree in the lobby! :stuck_out_tongue:

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