Cloud World: Skylands Roots

If you want to get back to the “roots” of the game and do the crafting, mining and exploring it takes to survive without the crutches of trade portals and portal chests then look no further.

Skylands Roots is my latest Skylands server with the purist of ideals.
No trade portals, no portal chests, no duping, no hacking, no exceptions.

This is a “world from scratch” regular sized world. The spawn is a giant tree where players can build houses on the branches, or down among the roots, but that’s requiring a lot of materials so it’s a work in progress. Tree houses are encouraged. I don’t adhere to the WFS rules started by ErickMatrix, so see below.

[li]No griefing or stealing. We are trying to be trusting and sharing. Don’t abuse it.[/li][li]No portal chests. Not even for admins.[/li][li]No trade portals. If anyone finds one, please dispose of it.[/li][li]Absolutely no cheating of any kind. If that’s what you like to do, look for a different world.[/li][li]No bad language[/li][/ol]

This is a whitelisted server. If you would like to be added, post your IGN here, or send me a PM, and just confirm that you intend to adhere to the rules of playing the game “legit”.

I promise to be legit, as well as follow the rles of this server.
Welp, time to test my skills. Ign Bananakittymoon.

Yay, so many wfs worlds coming out! Love playing legit, promise I will. My IgN is notgirlygirl112, if I could be whitelisted that would be great.

Legit Hiyaa coming through! IGN free fall

Sounds like a beautiful world! I would love to join! I promise to follow the rules and play legit.

legit too
ign : firemetal12

So using Time Crystals is allowed? I don’t think it’s fair that I’m not allowed to use what I paid for.

I would love to join! IGN is £PixelPunCake£

I would buy Double Crafting Speed but I’m broke, and I’ve been blocked from the internet on my computer, so I have no way to make graphics. Also, you better expect some epic The Blockheads animations and graphics, because once I get internet I plan on making my own rig using the exact textures, and they will be shaded too! Just you wait, they’re going to be awesome! [emoji16]

Ok, You’ve all been added. What IGN Lizze?

You can use time crystals if you came by them legitimately.

If anyone would like to help the “tree” grow, you are welcome to craft compost and add on to it and make a house in the branches.

IGN is Lizzie*
Sorry I forgot to put it in my post

I’ll join
IGN: Lillycat (dobble L and no space)

Ill play bye rules legit rules
Ign: Melanie220

All added. :smiley:

Sounds interesting! I’d like to be whitelisted.
I will play legit. :slight_smile:

Ign is Cassia

i would like to join: Ign :skye2345

I miss the feel of having 2 stacks of iron ingots as an achievement

added you guys too.


I remember when money was worthless, lol.
Count me in, I’ll play legit
IGN: Arkangel

Yeah, it’s funny when we find platinum and just leave it. LOL

Added you too Cameron

Just joined:


Exaggerate much?