Cloud world: SUGARFLOP

(Created: July 10th 2018)
We are a Economy Server x16

(We ask that if you are banned from the server to not comment on the server thread.)


  • Nothing is given for free you must trade or work for your wealth. This also means no giving one another items. All trade must be done through Sugarflop Official Businesses

  • No hacking or duping of any kind or talking about it as it advertises hacking culture. If admin suspect you of using hacked or duped items you and your items will be asked to be removed from the server.

  • Owning Normal or Trade Portal Chests are banned unless you are staff or a business owner.

  • Please no real life photos.

  • This is a no negative hate free zone. We are a kids friendly server. If you are not appropriate in anyway unfortunately you will not be welcome. This includes arguing or disrespecting admin.

  • If you are banned from the server and would like to appeal it. Please contact the staff who banned you via private message.

Sugarflop Official Business Application V2.0

Click here to find out what a ROP server is?

Revenge of the Players (ROP)

We want all of our players to start off equally. We do not provide starters as often they are duped. We have provided a large farm at spawn instead of a solid building and also upgraded work benches. You can choose to work completely independently as we have worked hard to provide all possible necessary resources.

We totally embrace the ethos of working for everything on our server. We have allowed one Amethyst Public Trade portal at spawn but that is it. We want everything to be crafted and in return you will be paid for your hard work. On Shopping Island we have a Business for all Trade Portal items. This server is designed to challenge you can encourage you to interact with others.

We are at the beginning of our journey so we are really keeping an eye out for regular players who can help us build our community! This server takes lots of hard work and dedication and is not for people who are interested in hacking or duping. We enjoy celebrating the members of our community and are very kind!

Please come visit us if you are interested. We are a full time server, many of our regulars are international, as is our staff team.

Staff Team




Sort of like Blokonomy?

i haven’t been there so im not too sure who is it by?

How to join?


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Thanks build thats very sweet!


Hey, sugar. It’s me. Race. All I could ask you now is:
If Nuob comes on ask if he has his Discord. I asked if we could keep in touch, just in case I get a Mac to host a server for me and him. Just let me know. I won’t be permanent, however because I have heavier work lately.

I got “EXPOSED” on this server xD. Some kid didn’t believe that I’ve been playing for four years, they were asking me a bunch of questions which I got right (surprise!) then they asked if you could remove magma, I said no, but I got EXPOSED because you can if you use hacks… -.-

All seriousness they seemed rather annoying and abusive


Noted and added to my list of servers that I need to join but haven’t in years


Just ignore them. They want a reaction and will get bored eventually. No point in arguing


You met one edgy kid. :raspberry:


Please message me more on this subject. I don’t want any sort of even talk of hacking in this server.


On this server we do not allow: hacks (of any kind), duping, cursing, arguing, unknown items, super shops, griefing, stealing, inappropriate (paintings,usernames,profile pics etc etc), and admin or moderator disrespect.

(sugar please lemme know if I missed any)

Cat <3

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This as well should be merged into the original Multiplayer Thread for this server.

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once again sorry still figuring this out.

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Hello there so if you clicked on this then i’m assuming that you want to learn how to become a mod or admin on the sugar flop server. Well to even be considered for either of the positions you have to active on both our server and discord (discord linked in bio). Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions sugar_flop herself posted on our discord:
Q: How to become admin?
A: Working hard following our rules helping other players are huge gold stars for us and we keep an eye out for these players with the possibility of promotion.
Q: Do I have to gain your trust ?
A: Personally no. Need of the day how much can you “trust” a stranger on the internet ?
Q: ‘If I build (example) a hotel can I become admin?
A: lmaooooooooooooo (no)
Q: I think I should be mod or admin so I can help make sure people follow the rules !
A: As a loyal player to this server you should be doing that already.
Q: If I add credit can I be admin?
A: I am fully able to pay for this server to stay open, but thank you !
Q: Ive played for a while why haven’t I been promoted ?
A: We appreciate all of our players. We genuinely love seeing you guys each day but the truth is some players just aren’t right to be admin/ mod on this particular server. We look for a very specific sort of person. Also the duration of in no way indicative of quality of play time. Always just meditating or not helping part in community jobs or being fun is a huge no no

So that’s really all the tips I can offer, so good luck and I hope to see you in the staff chat!
Cat <3

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This should be merged with the original server thread. @asyc

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sorry i’m a bit new to this and i’m getting it figured out

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Im fairly new to posting , too . Moderators will merge it , thats okay .

Taking a look at this would be good :

All the rules from A to Z . Welcome here ! :blush:

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