Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



The server is on white lit while admins do administrative things.


We are off whitelist now thank you for your patience guys :smiley:


Heya everyone we will be having one of our build comps today! Yay! Its going to be a special one as it is our first since my return. We will be doing some extra awesome prizes and therefore I am looking for some extra special builds!

Come ready to show us your skills! It is a great chance to get some inspiration and to get to know other people! We will be starting at 16:00 EST. You do not need to bring anything as all building equipment will be provided for.

Build Comp How to Play

Aim of the game: Build the best build to the theme within the time limit, using only what is given to you!

How it works: Stand in your player area, the host will drop a build safe and only using what is in the safe, build!
There are two parts to build comp: The actual build time and then what we fondly refer to as story time. This is your chance to explain and justify your build to the judge.

Previous Build Comp Examples


i wanna join but i cant


My extremely ugly dog thing. :joy:


Heya guys here is a little sneak peek of the casino chips. I am so exited to be opening the casino soon. It’s gonna be alotta fun.

(@Cess @darkdecay @Princess_Sarah)

(These are gonna be the Casino Chips. You need to buy these at the casino to take part in games! Example a Cess chip may cost 5Plat and to enter a game of black jack it may cost two cess. But say if you win a round of black jack with 3 people you would win 6 Cess chips. You could then cash out and get 30plat or continue and use the chips on the casino still :smile:)


I’ll be betting on players souls before you even know it! :smiling_imp:


please stop


I think gambling even in game is a sin, so i may not participate. but i do like what you are doing :slight_smile:


TEN MINUTES TILL BUILD COMP STARTS! Cannot wait to see you all!


It was supposed to be a joke…


A few little server pics for you guys :relaxed:

So we have a new payment shack at spawn in which their are a list of active server jobs. Awesome for those who finish jobs very quickly admin can collect and pay quickly and efficiently.

Inspired by @SHADESTEP’s Tulip Shop on Shopping Island @Oogee has made a lovely tulip breeding place! Defo check it out it is immense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The start of winter wonderland, located to the right of spawn. Quickly accesible via the Central Subway. Looking for some Christmas Volunteers to help, materials provided as for all community projects.

A little Christmas treat I made for @cess as a little thank you for all the hard work she did whilst I had a break :dodo:

Here is a sneak peek of our luxury apartments that are currently under construction. So as those of you who have visited will know we don’t tend to allow “hotels” or buying/selling homes. We like for people to build their own homes as it is so much more rewarding. But at the casino we have a apartment lottery. These apartments will be filled with exiting items and rewards and tickets will cost 5plat from the Apartment Lottery. You will be owner of your winning apartment for 1 week.

All Casino funds are going to be donated for wages for community jobs such as the Subway and the Payment Shack.


Nice work! I wish I could build as good as you guys can.


I said a player name sunset traffic Do u want to buy gold ingots from me so she said that u need to busniess owner for that so i just read about it and busniess owner means u need to give jobs to but i only want to sell things to ppl so is there any other way


Great question @BUILDITME1 unfortunately we don’t allow public trading anymore as people would often abuse it with friends or offer un reasonable prices that effected the Sugarflop Official Businesses and therefore the overall economy. If you go up to Shopping Island you can see loads of available temp jobs :smiley: They often pay more than the community jobs listed at the Payment Shack at spawn.

Maybe try offering @Touka for her Ores/Ingots Store but it is not always definite a Business Owner would need it :wink:


thanks for that


It also says that only trading through sugarflop official businesses are allowed. If you want to make a complaint at least read the rules


When you see other servers and then look at yours, which on second thought isn’t even out yet…
N-no, It’S oKaY I’M NoT CRyIng XD
(This is :fire:, although I might not join by I mainly stick on ss3)


Hello! I’ve joined the server. It is amazing but I got stuck.

Joke Server Concept

@VolcanoFlame thank you for the server love!
mwhaaha trapped forever! (sorry we have lifts like this as it helps defend against hackers!) teleportation is your new best friend!

Heads up peeps making the new business application, should be alotta fun!