Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



I was banned. Rip me. :frowning: idek what i did i was talking about harry potter and now im banned


I saw, all ready sorted- I think I need to go over the bot trigger bans as someone else has been having this issue also


i will join your discord for the application


The Server SugarFlop Is Getting Greater Day By Day And Aslo Inactive So Let’s All Make It Back To Active As It Was So Are U Ready With Me To Play On SugarFlop Daily?


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I used to do the same.


Why are you criticising someone else’s English, when it’s clearly stated in the rules that we don’t do that here, since so many of our members do not speak English as a first language?


@milla is right
btw @Donutask i was just giving it a design


Hey the discord link in invalid i clicked it and it did not work


If you log into the server and scroll to the bottom of the welcome page there is another link. That one should work (I joined via that) :smiley:


Please know we only allow players who are server regulars to stay on the discord, else it is of no use. We use it as a form of communication to those it is relevant to.

For example if you are banned, then you have zero need for our server discord.


I have applied, hope it’s not too late?


just kick me if I’m not active enough instead of a ban please, i may sant to come back and play.


What is happening with the casino? Can someone please explain how it works and why all of the shops are closed?


Why would you be banned ? :joy::dead:


The discord invite seems to be invalid.


As explained above, we only give invites to those it is relevant to.


Because sugarflop is the owner and she can do things as she wants to.


If you read @WumboJumbo it is clearly explained above. :smiley:

There is nothing more I can say :joy:


Great Question Wumbo.
Because a discord server which is used to communicate to other members of the server community is not relevant to those who are not regular to the server. Those who do not contribute to the server economy or life are not effected by the choices and discussions we have.

It is very easy to play on the server without the use of the discord.

But as I have said before as you are a banned member of the server you have no need to worry about the discord access.