Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



Because it is a relevant communication tool for the staff and regulars.


Please stay on topic. The owner decides how their server and discord are to be run.


@darkdecay has done nothing wrong, she is simply repeating what I have said. Please stop attempting to trash our server thread and trying to make an issue out of nothing.

As with every server the owner has the right to run it in any way that they wish. If my way does not make sense to you that is fine. It does not have to. No owner has to entertain anyone and your attempt to be disagreeable to a server in which you are not welcome on it truly quite sad.

Yes you may say that this is mean but honestly step away from this thread then as no-one asked for you to comment or be here. :smile: All your questions have clearly and coherently been explained.

Harassing in the sense you are continuing to chase a topic that has been explained.


Am I banned?


I can’t be on the server or discord for a while because if reasons. Sorry


we‘ll miss you! :heartpulse::slightly_frowning_face:


@Sugarflop, why was I banned?


@RaymondW You are welcome to PM me about your banning if you wish. But is against the rules to name and shame. We do not make banning reasons public. I cannot guarantee I will have time to reply to you.



option 5…


2 days in a week for me


Heya everyone I am working on a Christmas gift and am looking for any images you may have of the Sugarflop server if you could upload them either to this thread or via PM i would really appreciate it! Looking for especially ones from events/parties or even when the server first began.


Okay, I feel pretty weird that my first post on this thread is off-topic, so I am sorry for that.

Anyways, today was the first time I went to this server, and it really is awesome like everyone is saying. I also found a high spot, that you can fall of, and you’ll land on a ladder and stay perfectly fine. Anyone wanna jump off of it with me? Flying without a jetpack is fun. :laughing:


Thank you for saying this :smiley:
Sounds like a fun game :joy: Can‘t wait to race against you :smile:


Removed all the irrelevant stuff. Please stay on-topic.