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it’s a nice server, I like how it’s all “natural” in some way.


Heya guys a little server update ! Had a roller coaster week. Had a whole load of hackers visiting. They killed our lovely BOUZOU

rip little friend. And covered our spawn in graffiti :frowning:

But on a happier note we have had a whole load of new lovely players joining us. We have a average of 6/10 players through our the day which is a lotta fun. We finished the month fourth place on the cloud server list!:tada::tada::tada:
And as you can see in the picture below we have had to extend the free build areas due to demand :ok_hand:t3::+1:

We have also had some lovely parties! One of which was or pets and pizza themed party which was a surprise party for our first ever mod Darkdecay!

Also attached are some of our ten minute build comp winners and participants builds.

Also so of my personal favourites of the server homes. All quite quirky and really imaginative.


All in all a pretty great week ! Cannot praise my players enough for all the hard work and man hours they put in! They truly are the best of blockheads :heart_eyes:


You could ask Milla for a rollback if you want.


Guys we have had the most amazing day! It started off have a surprise visit from the official blockheads team @asyc ! Which was a lovely thing to wake up to ! :slight_smile:

Then this afternoon we had our FAMOUS PEOPLE themed party! I had a hectic hour in my clothes shop giving everyone makeovers. We asked players to hangs their profile picture skin and clothes to dress up😂 We has spongebob and Patrick, Emma Watson, Taylor swift, Billie Eilish and Eliza Hamilton and many more!

It was lovely everyone helped decorate what is usually our build comp arena and turn it in to a party platform! We had people making food others painting and others getting last minute lights :joy::joy::joy:

Then we had a surprise promotion ceremony !!! We have our third ever server admin DARKDECAY and our second ever mod

Then- if you’ve ever played on the arcade you will have heard of this-we played last man standing. In which player aim of the game is not to stand on the exploding block!

The winner of our costume contest was Starski. We realised we are a all women staff team at Sugarflop and with the empowerment of women we were super impressed with Starski turning up in no one but two costumes ! One of Natasha Romonov (dealt assassin and kick butt fighter) but also Emmma Watson UN ambassador and true role model to young women around the world!!!

The cherries on top of a great day???
After only being nearly three weeks old we are third on the blockheads cloud server list!!!

Then on top of that !!! WE BROKE SUGARFLOP RECORD !!! And reached 16 players !!!

ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR OUR AMAZING PLAYERS!! And the hard work you put in ! Xxxx


Please whenever its an event please imform on forums before it starts so everyone can join

Edit: how to check which cloud server is the best like the picture above


Heya everyone so little update I have built a school for our players. We are looking for teachers as well as students.

It is laocted to the left of spawn on the ground

Also I taught the first lesson on the school and the topic was : ABOUT THE SUGARFLOP SERVER.
We had a two part lesson.

With a small break in the middle. With lunches provided for students.

I believe we will be having a History lesson from One of our players tomorrow please check our discord chat for a notification for when lesson starts.
( Teachers lecture about the topic. Chat is then cleared. And students receive money for each question they get correct )

Off topic some builds from build comp this week :joy::joy::joy:

Also @Starsthatlisten hosted her own GARAGE SALE at the weekend in which she sold things cheap as dirt :joy:
A super fun event she had different rounds. Each round with better items. Players were forced to line up and take turns.


Is this like a roleplay server?


Ahahaha no way ! We just have a lotta events :joy: what made you think is was rp?


The school.


No it’s just a fun way to teach one another new things that we’re interested in and for people to make a little moeny whilst learning


I could run a embedding lights class!

You’ll be shocked how many people can’t do it lol


Me being one of them! @DeadlyPotato


is dating allowed? some people are dating


As long as they don’t break this rule


I have built subways on servers in the past, but I am usually very slow at it because it takes time. plus I am really not active a lot on blockheads to do this.

If you are interested in letting me join no matter the case let me know in PM. but I will give you the user I could use



Thanks @Legoboy70 but I am looking for full time applicants. Also I have added a application process in the post above. For anyone else who is interested.


All those capital letters are overwhelming. :flushed: