Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



Heya everyone we will be having a party on sugarflop server on the 21st of August you are all invited and we will be having games, promotions and a special reward ceremony. We cant wait to see you there!!!

( @darkdecay @Starsthatlisten @UncleKittyCat )


Trying to get on again. Says I need a password now. Any chance of me getting that? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


@Craymoss Heya sorry it’s off now I was just doing some party prep.

Sorry everyone due to personal issues the party has been post poned. Hopefully I will be able to let you all know when it will be in the next couple of days :sweat_smile::roll_eyes::+1:


We have decided that as many people are going back to school that it is fairer for everyone to be able to make it to make it a weekend event ! :blush:

Thank you Stitch for organising the times.

Alaska Time zone 12 pm
Pacific time zone 1 pm
Mountain time zone 2 pm
Central time zone 3 pm
Eastern time zone 4 pm
And GMT is 8 pm
If these times do not work please tell me in General Chat and I will try to fix it


Heya everyone people are asking me why they have been banned and it is because the bot automatically bans players when they use swear words on the server. I am happy to unban people if this has happened to you just please keep in mind that bad language is not necessary on Sugaflop.

If you have been banned due to another reason please privately PM with reason to the particular admin who banned you as the issue is between you.
(Admin: @darkdecay @Starsthatlisten @UncleKittyCat )


Can u tell pakstani time please if u dont mind
Thank you


I googled it and it said 1AM Pakistani time. For me it’s 4AM :sweat_smile:


Thanks for telling and i willnot be online at that time so sorr i wont join your party but if u can please send pics


Heya everyone our party will start in a couple of hours! and i am revealing our party theme!

Hope to see you all there!


thanks everyone who was able to make it to our carnival party! It was a huge success! Best one yet ! :joy:
For those who were not able to make it here is a highlights overview.

We started off with the promotions of ZHUU and Princess Sarah. Zhuu has played on the server since our first week. She always takes part in server events and games ! Alsways happy to help out and has one of the most helpful shops on shopping island. Princess Sarah gained fast admin approval from her positive and friendly attitude. She is a player who is kind and courteous even when staff are not online and has worked incredibly hard on the subway. Congratulations to both. And thank you for being such brilliant pillars in our community :slight_smile:

We then moved on to games! (of course with me :joy::sweat_smile:) We started off with GOLD DIGGER! The winner was REECEM who found the Ruby first ! :star_struck:

We then played DEATHLESS ROLLER COASTER! The longest airtime won and of course the winner was our new Mod : princess Sarah! With 148.4. The roller coaster is still there. Little tip…Deathless. Only the brave will win!

We then played LUCKY CAST! A carnival adaptation of the traditional worm hole golf. This time we had some awesome prizes up for grabs ! Everyone was a winner !:star_struck:

It was a great party and it was really nice seeing the different time zone regulars meet one another and get together.

Today I will be doing some server maintenance. Clearing empty shops and homes and that of players we don’t see much of anymore.

We will also be starting our TIME CAPSULE PROJECT…:shushing_face:


Could I have a house and a shop please?


It was a very superB party i like to join it but i was sleeping


I have been playing on this server for a while and I can confirm you most likely won’t get into trouble if you are being nice and polite and try to contribute to the community in a positive way.
You will get into trouble though if you are rude or constantly try to bend and stretch the rules to the limits.
Sugarflop is looking for a particular type of players, and every owner has the right to do so.


Thank you guys for defending the server. I really appreciate it. As you know we try very hard to maintain a high standard of playing.


It’s people like that who cause trouble, just ignore them, flag and move on.

I am thinking of applying for admin if you are ready to do so. Although I am not active. I could probably join at random times though.

You can catch me as legoboy70. And feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


Is insurance a thing in this server?


Ohh this sounds interesting. Explain?


If a griefer were to destroy your house or something, and if you had insurance, insurance would be able to pay for part of the damage.

Maybe even health insurance or animal insurance.


ahahha I know what insurance means, but thanks for the breakdown.
I was referring in terms of the game specifically. I thought it may be in direct reference to our new trade program.
And no we don’t it causes to many issues offering that. Who is to say someones doesn’t grief themself as some do in real life?

We have active staff who are provide protection signs when needed.

But nice thought. It has inspired me to consider worker unions. So that they can have support for if their employer doesn’t pay them/ on time/ right amount


Heya everyone we are on password protect just as we get ready for our new server update.
We are clearing all public portals.
Starting new business owners shops with them and clearing shopping island.
-Sorry for any inconvenience guys

(To apply or see a break down of our new update please click here Sugarflop business application: )