Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



I’ve been keeping an eye on this server for a while now and I’ve decided that I would like to give the server a try.


On another note, it appears the discord invite has expired


Heya guys we’re still accepting applications. Here are the ones that are available now.

PLEASE NOTE: we are looking for cool and specific jobs that business owners can create for workers. This means majority of businesses should be relying on craft to create their shop stock.
Example of Post office jobs:
-temp job creating wooden chests and signs for people to buy to send mail in.
-temp job buying paint from the pint store to sell customisable signs for messages.
-hired worker job setting up private mailboxes that that post office worker has accesss to in order to provide protected mail.

A great example of a application we have just accepted is from Touka is for the ore shop:
-temp job breaking/sluicing gravel with a gold spade to get ores and ingots
-pressing ores into ingots
-collecting stone to turn into gravel


Is… that… light… theme… :sick:

Wish I could be on but I’m out of data and my stupid recharge gave me nothing :man_facepalming:


Is there a way to get the code, as I can’t join without ;w;


What about a mining job so the miners can supply certain businesses? The businesses could buy what they need off of miners and that’s how the miners could get money.


The discord link expired. The server also has a password.

#97 @WumboJumbo link never expires this one doesn’t


Please message me if you need a discord invite :slight_smile:


For those who are interested, server’s back in public now! Do take the elevator up to shopping island and check out the shops and the available jobs. Please message the business owner if you are interested to apply. Please read the welcome message for the changes in the server. Thank you and see you guys in game. :purple_heart:


Good thing anyone on the forum is also over 13.


I sure hope that everyone is above 13 on the forums but I can’t be completely sure.


There’s a couple members I think that are under 13, and I know a few members who joined while under 13 but are over 13 now.


Out of respect for the world owner I suggest we keep this thread on the topic of the server.


What about the people who aren’t on the forums?


I sure hope everyone’s above thirteen.


13+ implies that you have to be older than the age of 13, aka 14.
Hence why this game is PG-13 but is 12+.


At the end of the day. When I download the app and it has a certain age restriction I will follow it until it says otherwise. In my mind it is not up to me to pick and choose which rules to follow and which not to. Often there is little to no need to even reveal your age in the game. It is only then that I feel I would need to respond.

@Ziameter thank you but that wasn’t for you to say on this server thread. As I have said on dicord it is a topic that I myself am struggling to come to a set decision on. Had I have decided I would have added it to the rules.

@JarlPenguin Many age limitations in life are not just suggestions such as driving or alcohol and though they are not parallel from that I would like to indentify my reasoning.

As @darkdecay has said on our discord this topic is no longer up for discussion. I will be deciding and should and when I come to a set division I will update the rules. At the end of the day it may seem “ridiculous” but how are we to so proudly enforce the in game rules if we cannot even honour the app instillation requirements ?

It is a players choice may they be younger or older to downloads the game and it is therefore my choice wether I allow them onto my server. Though I try hard to provide happy and safe environment for players I am no way obligated to purposefully provide a place of amnesty for those who are not meeting the game requirements.

This did not need to be made such a big deal of it is simply my personal choice in which I chose to follow. I do not appreciate that my server thread has now been used to explore this topic.


I don’t get how my post is relevant to your reply. I was correcting Zeekiel because 13+ would mean greater or equal to 14. The game is 12+, which means greater than or equal to 13.


12 plus as in 12 and up, kind of comparable to the blockheads server adults only 18 plus. I believe they allowed 18 year olds, but that was the cut off. That’s what people usually mean, and I believe that is what Apple means with their ratings, although apps like Instagram also have that, I think it’s because Apple doesn’t have a specific rating for 13+.