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I have no inclination to speak to you at all. Firstly as I was not the staff member to ban you. Second of all as you are outrightly very rudely ignoring my request to stop posting on the server thread about this situation.
Stop. This server thread is no longer a concern for you as you are not welcome.



(Only STAFF and Business owners will be allowed trade portals)


As anyone who has played recently on the server knows. The new job system has been a huge success!
But a obvious thing I missed out is many business jobs can be bypassed with access to a trade portal. We have had players who just bought the items from a trade portal instead of crafting/finding themselves.

As a Economy server it makes alot more sense for the money to be returning back into the economy than a trade portal. We believe this decision will make the server even better! The alternative was to become a Custom server with only sell Trade Portals. As many of you were against that idea, I have listened and this is my solution.
I myself have played on the server as a regular player and have found with some hard work and time. It is very easy to thrive in this economy. As @SHADESTEP said today: This is the real blockheads experience!

This is going to make our new trade system thrive even more. Please remember this has been well thought out. I have provided access to ALL necessary items without the need of a Trade Portal.


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  • Touka’s Ore and Ingot Shop
    -Tanners Block Shop
    -HardlineComics Fuel Shop
    -Cess’Tool Shop
    -Sunset Traffics Tulip Shop
    -Cess’ Egg Shop
    -Pianos Light Shop
    -Donutasks Home Items Shop
    -Amber Katts Electrical Shop
    -Blumenkind Workbench Shop
    -Sugars Paint Shop
    -Dark Decays Bakery and Coffee Shop
    -Sugars Clothes Shop


Heya guys here is our new Sugarflop Business Owner Application


loving it! :yellow_heart:


Server is growing a lot more nowadays! Keep up the good work :+1:


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Hello everyone, we are super exited to reveal to you our new Sugarflop Server update.

NEW Trade Rules

-All public trade portals will be removed.
-If you have a portal in your home please make sure only you have access to it.
-Only trading via Official Sugarflop Businesses located on Shopping island is allowed.
-This means no verbal trading will be accepted

Why are we doing this?

Staff have noticed a large majority of shops are selling the same products. This makes a economy server pointless. Also because people are buying items straight away from trade portals they are not crafting or trading.

Also many people are still attempting to cheap trade. We love people crafting and working together. Because we don’t allow things to be free on this server including starters, many new players are struggling. Every day we have players coming on asking if they can have a job. Because the current shops are so similar and because of trade portal access- businesses are not hiring. Economy stops rolling

From now on only players accepted via application from Staff will be allowed to be Business Owners.
All other players will be either Temporary Workers (Temps) or Hired Workers.

Why be a Business Owner

-It is now the only way to be considered for Mod
-You will be expected to give new players jobs
-The best and most success-full businesses will receive rewards and certain rights.
-You will have opportunity to prove yourself to staff!
-Only the best applicants will be accepted

What does being a worker mean?

-You will not have the pressure of having to give people jobs
-You can change to different jobs and whenever you want

All current shopping island shops need to be cleared. We are together starting over from block one. Please note should you leave your trade portal out and not locked away staff will place it in a safe for you.




2 number 4’s

Cloud world: SUGARFLOP

what do you mean bug?


i meant typographical error


i get ya! thanks for spotting it!


So fishermen and dodo farms?



Great! Except I think that this part is kind of discriminating different types of players…

But your server = your rules


I’m glad you bought this up @JarlPenguin. We don’t see it as discriminating. We see it as a difinitive point for people to prove themselves.
Business owners to be successful will need to show competent leadership and organising skills. They will need to be able to interact regularly with new players and make sure trade rules and standards are enforced. Being kind and engaging with players and being able to keep your cool with difficult players is something you have to learn. And being a Business owner forces you in this sitiuation.

As we are a economy server this will be a huge aspect of our blockheads life.

We will keep updating our Business Lists and will update them as the demand rises. I believe that room for promotion is a very important !

So just to clarify. We will continue to take applications for Businesses as we need them. Also we believe that the qualities of best Business owners with how we have laid out our plan with highlight to us people with leadership qualities we want from Sugarflop Staff.

@Electric_man yeah you got it !


Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation.