Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



This makes me want to join your server :open_mouth:


Our discord link peeps:

Please note you will need to state your server IGN and wether you are a temp worker/hired worker/ business owner on entry of the discord server.


this server will reach to top


May I suggest something for the server?


sure shoot


You should have a ban appeal form.


Er @WumboJumbo?


But what if you don’t know who banned you?


You know it isn’t Sugar so try pming Cess, Princess Sarah or dark.


Some bannings are not up for appeal. If we feel that a individual presence is compromising our security or hacking in any way we have a zero tolerance policy.


Quick question.
If I’m a business owner can I have a trade portal in my personal base? Or is It only in the shop.
I love this server! :heart:


Sure Donut you can! :heartbeat: Like this you‘re able to craft items for your shop in your base too :slightly_smiling_face:


great question!


WOW! A lot has happened while I was gone!


Thats right guys! We have a new super cool project! I have organised guest speakers from within the community to come and teach and share their experiences and knowledge! I really wanted players to learn more about the blockheads and to be able to have the chance to interact with the amazing people we have read about.

This is some of the confirmed guest speakers so far! This is going to be a super chilled and fun project. We are currently working on a timetable that will be uploaded so people will know when to come and for which sessions. Please note it takes alot of manoeuvring to fit in with everyones schedules. I will try very hard to spread them out in case people are busy on some days and also to try and stick to weekends so that those who are school bound will have a chance to come.

If you would like to come and also teach please feel free to PM me and I would be happy to talk to you about it. Keep checking here for updates !

  • Would you be interested in coming to some talks?
  • You would not be interested in coming?
  • Would you be interested in speaking?

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Can‘t wait for the first lesson! :heart_eyes:


Super excited for this :two_hearts:


I want to come so badly. :persevere:


Will definitely attend! My calendar is ready :heart_eyes::purple_heart:


sugerflop server is going to high rate and i think so its the most awesome server for now