Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



Sounds fun!


I‘d recommend this server to everyone! :cupid:

I‘ve started playing in early 2014 and I‘ve never been a fan of multiplayer servers. I preferred to play by myself on my Single Player. I didn‘t want to invest too much in a world where I‘d might get banned for no reason and would lose everything. :sweat_smile:

Sugarflop is the first server I wanted to stay on! When I first joined the server I was immediately welcomed with open arms! Everyone is very helpful and friendly, no matter whether they‘re part of the staff or normal players! I even made real friends here for the first time in Blockheads! Some of you mean a lot to me in real life! :two_hearts: @Sugarflop @darkdecay @SHADESTEP When you‘re going through a hard time everyone is going to be there for you! Becoming a part of the sugarflop community is the best thing that could happen to you in this game!

You should definitely give this server a try! You won‘t regret it!


awww! but she is right, this server is one of the bestest servers ive ever played on. i am a fan of original economy servers, so this is perfect! even on my first few days @Sugarflop I was welcomed with open arms. I adore this place!



The admins their including you sarah, are the kindest people on Blockheads!
I really believe that because of that, this server reached to one of the top servers quickly and will be at the top of all the servers quickly since it already surpassed all but the current #1 ranked server.

Really amazing job Sugar and all the admins and mods on their! :smile: :heart:


I will be leaving the blockheads. My staff team will be in charge of the server. But currently I am finding the Blockheads to be a hostile distraction that I cannot afford to make time for. My wish is that this server will continue to grow and be a home for its family. Thank you for all the good times. @darkdecay and @Princess_Sarah will be running the server. This as many of you will know will not come as a surprise as since their joining they have been as hands on and instrumental to the server as I have been. I wish the whole sugarflop family the best and I look forward to seeing you all in the future. :black_heart:


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this has broken my virtual heart! It has been an honour playing with you and thank you for creating the server. I hope to speak with you soon. Much love, Sunset Traffic!:black_heart:


I hope you‘ll be back soon! You‘re the good soul of this server and an amazing friend! :heart:


Sugar, we’'ll take good care of the server and we will surely miss you! Take your time, we will be here and wait for you. :purple_heart:


We are going to miss you a ton :two_hearts: everything will remain the same regarding rules and application processes (everyone will have to maae sure to send the applications to either myself or @Princess_Sarah ) We will make sure to keep the server safe in her absense :two_hearts:


I recommend you PM Milla and tell her to change ownership of the server to someone else.


It’s up to her


I know that.


Is there any chance that shops will soon start spreading away from spawn and the application reopening?


Hi thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:
If you want to apply for a shop please send the application to @darkdecay or me via the forums.

As the application file is no more available I‘ll just post the questions here:

  1. What is your Forum Username? (This will also be how we will contact you on your application result.) *

  2. What Business would you like to run? *

  3. What jobs would you provide for players in your shop? *

  4. Please provide a full list of what your shop will sell: *

  5. Why do you think you would be a good business owner? *

  6. Please indicate your availability to the server? *

  7. What businesses have you worked for? Can you provide any references? What did you do for them? *

  8. How long have you been playing on this server? *

  9. What do you think we are looking for in a Business Owner? *

  10. Please state here a full list of all money and items you may need… *

  11. Would you be interested in becoming Admin ? *

  12. Would you still play on the server if you were demoted?

  13. Will you need help paying players for jobs?

  14. Please here let us know anything else you feel would help convince us or would like us to know about you…

If you‘d like to open a shop away from spawn please mention this below point 14 and our staff will discuss your suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face:


i really miss sugar


With the staff in this server, it’s obvious it’s in good hands.


Are you still going to do forums? I haven’t done blockheads for a while




Is that a no then?