Cloud world: SUGARFLOP



yeah i guess so


Sugar is currently on a break from the forums, the game and discord but if anyone wants to give us a message for her, you‘re always welcome to do that :slightly_smiling_face:




A break, that means not for good.


Uh @Princess_Sarah why is it password protected now?


We have decided to protect it with a password because we were under attack all the time. A person who was banned from this forums is currently targeting our server.
We feel responsible for the protection of our underage players and we felt like we couldn‘t guarantee their safety any longer without regulating who‘s joining our server.

I‘m sorry for all the kind and honest players who can‘t play on our server at the moment!
But we‘ll remove the password soon and there is going to be a huge Halloween-Party :jack_o_lantern: :confetti_ball: I hope to see a lot of you there! :two_hearts:


Heya guys I am back and the server will be taken off of password. I have missed you all and cannot wait to catch up with all the regulars. I am so sorry I forgot I put it on password before I left! I totally forgot :joy::joy:

Does anyone have any cool projects they think we should pursue?


Glad to see you back :smiley:


Yay sugar is back!


Heya everyone so I am thinking of doing Secret Santa on the server this year ! For everyone who would like to take part please just vote on the poll below. Please be sure to really consider wether you would like to seriously commit so that no one is disappointed.

I would like everyone to be as creative as possible! Get to know your secret Santa, their likes and dislikes? What would be a touching gift to them? You have and entire 16X server to work with and the natural resources are immense!

Gift ideas (just suggestion points)
-gift some pixel art
-create a game for them
-a painting/mural
-write a poem/story
-put on a show/play for them

With our server as you all know we like to be creative and do things with intent. Lets try and avoid the cliché unicorn or jetpack. Please indicate below in the poll if you would be interested in joining. You will be added to the group pm :slight_smile: Once the poll closes that will be the final names we will be accepting. I will then be drawing names at random and let you all know you secret santa :slight_smile:

  • I would like to join in the secret santa.
  • I would like to help build a holiday area on the server

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Sorry this is the correct poll for secret santa:

  • I would like to take part in Secret Santa.
  • I would like to help build a holiday area.

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I would like to do both :slightly_smiling_face:


No thanks, i do not want to participate in this event.


Now that’s what you call good photo editing.


(For those who have been asking this is how people earn up to admin on Sugarflop )


Nice guide!


Quite hard to read though.

Also, might wanna put all this in the OP.


Thanks but I wanted it like that, because for people who were actually interested- I wanted to see if they would actually look.


like she said, she likes it like this.


It says I need to be on a whitelist?