Lol by the time i read the last sentence i was already dead from suffocating. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol Ikr that was a long time u had to not breathe for! I’ve been telling you to hold your breath for almost a month now!! XD


The next building will extend from the lava to space. :wink:


I really don’t see how it’s possible to get all those materials.And it would be VERY hard getting those amethyst trees exactly there.


What!!! How much blocks and material must have been use to build this!!! So cooooooooooooll


Hahahhah you must be a good designer to build something that beutiful! But in my opinion being a true-never lander I think our builds are more better! No offense! Just biased! And would you care to think about the blocklymoics?


It’s beautiful, but laggy on a whole new level


The lens flares was a cool effect! I love the building! Very beautiful! Rep up!


@mama food supply the tower is beautiful and majestic !! and [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

i can tell it mustve involved lots of effort hardwork patience and detail…

@hiya thank u for ur lovely thots… [emoji5]

just remember each server is unique and beautiful on its own… Their own style and set of rules … lets enjoy… appreciate and respect each server

lets be kind to one another [emoji56]




Thank you :slight_smile:

The Tower of Destiny was built from the ground up in harmony with it’s surroundings. As you know, gem trees cannot be moved or planted. Therefore, I needed to position the East Wing perfectly between the two that were there :slight_smile:

The materials were acquired gradually through the building process, it was definitely a financial burden. If you’ve recently seen an inflation to the price of diamonds, chandeliers, platinum, and other things, you know why. XD

Sorry! I forgot to put the (narrow) list of “compatible” devices! Definitely having that insane amount of assets in one place causes severe strain on older devices.

We recommend having an iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 & 3, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus. iPad 4 and iPhone 5/5c users may notice some choppiness and slowdown, and anything under that may have significant trouble handling parts of the Tower of Destiny.


Lol thanks guys :smiley: sorry, I got a little over the top with the wording XD There are countless buildings that are unique and stunning in their own way, and I’ve realzied it’s actually impossible to really choose the “best” one

But the Tower of Destiny sure took a ton of work! That’s one thing I can say for sure! :slight_smile:

Ooh, I’ll read about BlockLympics! sounds like an awesome invention!!!


I use iPad2 and seldom have problems though (on your world)


Oh ok good to know! Again, most of TEAM FORWARD is perfectly suitable for any device! The Tower of Dreams and the Tower of Destiny have some heavy elements, but if you know where to go and where to look, you’ll be just fine :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up!


So what’s the point of the Tower of Destiny?
A new record for the most awesome tower and building ever made in The Blockheads history?
A memorial monument?
A spacescraper simply placed to amaze and attract tourists?
Or just a little starting point of a humongous planned “replica” of Metropolis?
(please don’t tell me it’s out of boredom)
This is beyond what anyone could describe(currently).
Extremely spectacular and whatever wonderful words out there inserted here job!


Lol thank you that’s actually a really good question! The point of the Tower of Destiny is similar to the original Tower of Dreams: it’s a catalyst :slight_smile:

Just like the Tower of Dreams inspired a bunch of people to come to my server and build their own amazing structures, I want the Tower of Destiny to usher in a new wave of beautiful, creative buildings, not just in my world but others as well! :slight_smile:

I hope at least part of it: the look, the use of materials, the harmony with the environment, what’s inside it, or whatever else, inspires someone to do something they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of doing! :smiley:


Some advice:
A-don’t just buy everything needed at the trade portal
B-try not to make laggy buildings.Some people are stuck with iPad 2s.


Thx for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

There are certain ways people play this game, which I will not discuss here, that I am against and refuse to follow.

I personally think the Trade Portal, whenever it was introduced (I wasn’t playing yet at that time), is a brilliant idea and is executed so well. That being said, for things like the hundreds of blocks of glass used in the Tower of Destiny, they were bought from a Trade Portal as sand and then crafted into glass at an electric kiln :slight_smile:

As for the iPad 2, it’s now 4 generations old. I’m really sorry, and I really don’t want to exclude anybody, but the truth is, especially with the latest blockheads update, the technology simply isn’t enough anymore.

However, I can give some tips that may improve the lag slightly:

  1. Update to the latest software. The later iOS 8 versions carry with them improvements to performance on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.

  2. Close all running background apps, and turn off things like “perspective zoom” and “background app refresh”

  3. Make sure you have a fast, stable internet connection. Your router should not be near any metal objects or other things that may interfere with the consistency of the signal.

Or 4… Buy a new iPad! (ok sorry my family owns Apple shares so I might be a bit biased) but the latest iPad Air 2 is not only the world’s thinnest tablet, but it has by far the most powerful graphics processor ever in a mobile device.
You won’t regret it!

Sorry it got long lol, cheers!:smiley:


( O. .O )
Amazing work…


Ya know, I thought this should go in pictures when I started, but now it’s TravelBrochure101. MAMA FOOD SUPPLY, this looks amazing!