I already updated it to iOS 8. And my family’s house is in the middle of nowhere and the router is near a load of random stuff. And there’s only one internet port in the house.

While my parents did get me an iPad AIr 2, there was and still is an issue with the electronic locking system in his office,which it was being kept in. So I HAVE one, but it’s locked away where NOBODY AT ALL can currently get to it. I know this sounds quite like a worst case scenario, but it’s ended up happening to me and it is rather annoying now being able to play on any places with big stuff without lagging my device to bits. I have an android phone but it doesn’t work much better.


Oh well then… Let’s just say that when you finally do get your hands on your Air 2, you’ll notice a big difference :slight_smile:


Mama you continue to impress me!
(I’ll be showing this to Eagle so he can make a video about it ;))


Haha thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

We had already made arrangements before the introduction, so it’s all good :smiley:

He recently had some trouble with his office space and seems very busy, so please be patient and don’t worry about contacting him :wink:


Trust me I know about his office space lol …
I’m an MGN Admin, if Ya didn’t know [emoji28]


Oh awesome! Tell him that there’s no rush and to take his time! :slight_smile:

And happy New Years everyone! :smiley:


[CENTER]It’s official!

Thank you to MGN for welcoming us into their community! Lots of great stuff coming soon! :)[/CENTER]


The first thing you’ll see when you enter the Tower of Destiny is the stunning entrance hall. Accessed from the Forward Line’s Horizon Station, it features a beautiful chandelier-driven design and the revamped TEAM FORWARD block logo. It’s a truly epic opening.

Toward the top, a collection of lights, chandeliers, and gems are precisely organized in a way that projects the colours of a sunrise onto the surrounding glass. The result is a magical, harmonious scene that gives the perfect introduction to the Tower of Destiny.

Have you visited the Tower of Destiny?
Our server has become so busy, we’ve had to encourage staff no not log on to open up space and even hire tour guides during peak hours!
But if you haven’t, now is as good of a time as any to jump in, have a look, and get your own project started!

Cya there![/center]


It’s gonna be great to have you guys there! I was just looking through the forum when I saw this post lol


Thank you!! It’s very exciting for all of us! :smiley:


New buildings have been added to the front page!

Check out the amazing Forward Statue and the brand new Prism of Fantasy!


The East Wing of the Tower of Destiny houses the breathtaking Museum of Revelation. There, you will find a vast collection of extremely rare items - many you have probably never seen before. The unique Hexagon design elevates these pieces and creates an elusive, out-of-this-world environment.

At the tip of the East Wing, there are two amethyst gem trees, positioned perfectly and appearing to grow out of thin air. They compliment the Tower’s design beautifully, bringing a harmony between structure and nature that is truly unique.

Have you visited the Tower of Destiny?
Our server has become so busy, we’ve had to encourage staff no not log on to open up space and even hire tour guides during peak hours!
But if you haven’t, now is as good of a time as any to jump in, have a look, and get your own project started!

Cya there![/CENTER]


What server is the tower of destiny on!!! I must know!!! And I must see it!!!
That tower is awesome, and not the cliche awesome that is overused today but the original meaning!!! Also the unknown item museum is epic!!!


Is this a world thread? If so, which one? If not, why not? :slight_smile:


The Tower of Destiny is in TEAM FORWARD!

This is an introductory thread for a recently completed project, representing Team Forward. :slight_smile:


In that case this thread needs to be merged with the world thread for Team Forward. One thread per world, and one world per thread. I’ll do that now.


Can you help me show where the money place is I can not find it?


Hi! There are quite a few places in the server related to money, so I’ll give you directions to the most commons ones (all directions start from spawn, which is inside the Tower of Dreams’ Entrance Hall):

  1. For the Starter Cash Distribution Area, where you can get a free stack (99) of Platinum Coins to get you started, is just a few steps left.

  2. For the Money Alley, where you can use simple methods to increase your starter cash, go up the central elevator shaft (above you) and its on your right, directly above the Entrance Hall.

  3. For the more full-fledged Profit Center, head left, go out of the Tower of Dreams, and head down the glass walkway until you arrive at the Forward Line’s Skygate Station. Take a train to the next station, Subrub Station, go up to exit, head right a few steps and you’re there.

Hope this helped! :slight_smile:


When you think “awesome buildings,” our goal has always been is for you to instantly think “Team Forward.”

At our server, we are proud to be the host of some of the most breathtaking, unique, and inspiring structures in the entire game. And we’re ready to take this one step further.

Team Forward’s very first building competition will be unlike any you’ve seen before, with the top builders being rewarded with incredible prizes.

How it will work:

We have prepared ten identical building spaces in the sky, above an ocean to the west of Skygate City. These buildings spaces have been precisely measured and spaced - each of them are 30 blocks wide and 59 blocks high, to ensure an equal environment for all builders.

A member of our world, IPAD2.00000, has also built us the competition’s official hub, right beside the building spaces.

[B]The theme is: Creativity.

The competition will be held in multiple phases.[/B]

Phase I will consist of players applying to be one of the Final 10, who will then go on to the building phase. Players will be selected based on the magnitude and quality of their previous work (more details on that further down).

Phase II is the building phase. Once the Final 10 has been decided, the Ownership Signs in each of the building spaces will be converted to the respective player’s ownership. From there, players can begin creating their structure. We are anticipating a timeframe of around one week for all builders to complete their creations.

Phase III will be the judging phase, where the members of the Judging Panel will each rank their top 3 buildings.
We will use a point system in which a building placing at the top of a judge’s list scores 10 points, second on the list scores 6 points, and third scores 2 points.

Once the scores have been added up, the winner will be announced, along with the runner-up and the third-place finisher.


The following prizes will be given to the top 3 builders in the competition.

3rd place: Team Forward’s official Glamour Kit, consisting of hundreds of rare and valuable items, as well as over 39 million platinum coins, and will be featured here, and in other places around the web!

2nd place: Everything from the 3rd place prize, along with a residency in the most prestigious living space on the server: The SkyEdge Estates in the Tower of Destiny.

Winner: Everything from the 2nd place and 3rd place prize, along with a gift of 3 extremely rare items of their choice from the Tower of Destiny’s Museum of Revelation, as well as promotion to Advisory Council! (If you are already Advisory, your promotion to Security Council will be accelerated!)

How to apply:

Being part of Team Forward’s first ever building competition is easy.
All you have to do is email with your in-game name and a photo of something you built that you are proud of! Preferably we would like the photo to be of something you build in Team Forward, but it can be from anywhere as long as you can prove you were the one who built it!

We will take these applications, look through the photos, and determine the Final 10 who will be facing off for a chance to with the epic prizes and a place in Team Forward history!

The Judging Panel:

Here is the official Judging Panel for this competition.


Each with their own unique building style and taste, the judges will do their utmost to give a detailed, fair, and unbiased evaluation of every building to determine the winner.

May the best Blockhead win![/CENTER]


Competition sounds interesting :wink: but I don’t have anything I’m proud of unfortunately that was built by me… :frowning:
(P.S I like building, just that I spend more time mining)
(P.P.S If we ever wanted to submit our builds in Team Forward to send it to you [about the prove that it’s you who built it part]… 98% of the server is covered in owner signs for all i know)