We try our best to strike a perfect balance between Security and Freedom.

When you first spawn in the centre of the bustling Skygate City, it may feel like “98% of the server” is “covered” in Ownership Signs.

However, we have made it easier than ever to build in an organized, controlled environment (Land Slots), or in a more natural environment (being a 16x world, there is a virtually unlimited amount of free land). And we’ve made it effortless to move between these places with our Forward Line.

So if there’s ever an instance where the world feels overprotected or restrictive, please consider taking the train to the Sunrise District or away from the city to Free Land Station, where there is plenty of space and where dozens of players have already come to create stunning buildings. :slight_smile:


The Diamond Glow Luxury store is located inside the Tower of Destiny’s West Wing.

It sells only the most luxurious, most useful items. And it’s incredible Diamond Galaxy design is a sight to behold.

The store is a pristine example of the Tower of Destiny’s design mission: Elegant, Harmonious Beauty.

Have you visited the Tower of Destiny? What’s your favourite part so far?
Have you ventured into the far west, or into the skies? There are dozens of incredible buildings ready to be explored, and acres of free land available for you to create your own masterpiece!

Cya there![/CENTER]


[center]Notice: our new =MGN= forum is up and running!

It features multiple categories for different discussions, exclusive announcements, and more! Plus, it’s the perfect gateway into the =MGN= community.

Visit it here![/center]



The time is finally upon us.

Build Forward is shaping up to be the greatest building competition you’ve ever seen.
After dozens of applications from many, many amazing builders, we have looked through submissions, compared photographs, and even visited servers first-hand; to choose the 10 Finalists.

These players each showed incredible skill, potential, and, most importantly, conviction.
Today, I am excited to announce the Final 10 contestants for Team Forward’s first ever Building Competition:


Congratulations Finalists!! We couldn’t be more excited about hosting this event featuring such talented people.

From this moment on, the race to the top has started.
If your name is on this list, please check your email. For the rest of us, let’s all head to the Competition Grounds to see these incredible builders begin their journeys.

Visit our forum on MGN to see it all unravel.

May the best building rise, and may the best Blockhead win!​[/center]



Team Forward’s first ever Building Competition has come to a close!

Relive the entire competition here,
and see the winners here.

Thanks to all those who participated over at =MGN=![/CENTER]


Whoohoo I already voted! And I just wanna say congrats to all!


Hi there! Here’s what’s new in Team Forward for January 2015!

Every day, many exciting things happen on the server. I will be starting monthly threads on our forum on =MGN= where we can learn about and discuss some of the standout events and additions that have made the server even more exciting! Sit back and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Build Forward was a huge success.

Build Forward, Team Forward’s first ever building competition, ended just last week with a bang. All of our competitors made incredible creations, each bringing something exciting and new, while impressing thousands of people around the world. Stay tuned for news on the next frontier of Build Forward, coming very soon.

[B]The Staff system has been reformed.

Learn about it here.[/b]

Along with a large amount of new promotions, we’ve made Staff on the server application-based! Check out the “Apply for Staff” section of this forum to apply to become a part of the Team Forward Advisory Council, and eventually Security Council!

Welcome to Azure Ocean City!

The Build Forward creations have had such a big impact, it’s inspired the birth of an entire city! In just a couple short weeks, the western landscape has transformed into a bustling, colorful city. And with the brand new Freedom Line coupled with the Forward Line, you’re there within minutes.

Meet Mortimus the Cave Troll!

Captured earlier this month, Mortimus is our server’s first pet cave troll! He lives at the east end of Azure Ocean City, together with the Golden Chest and Trade Portal we was once guarding.

The Forward Tree of Inspiration.

A Diamond Gem Tree has finally been discovered! It has a subtle, entrancing glow and a beautiful, symmetrical shape. It’s growing on a seamless glass surface above the Build Forward grounds in Azure Ocean City, in the City Hall courtyard.

Brand new items in the Museum of Revelation!

We have added a total of six new extremely rare items to the Tower of Destiny’s Museum of Revelation! These items include Jug, Golden Clock, Poison Arrow, and more. Come and check them out!

Team Forward’s Login Counter.

Thanks to an extremely talented member of our server, we have been able to add a login counter to our Welcome Message! Right now, we are averaging over 700 connections per day. We’re excited to see just how many people join Team Forward in the months to come!

The revolutionary new Azure Sky Line.

I think it’s clear by now that at Team Forward, we strive to do things differently. We strive to be innovative and to push boundaries. The latest example of this vision is the brand new Azure Sky Line. Not a single block supports the rail. It’s virtually transparent, and in the zoomed-out view, completely invisible. Jetpack riders can transverse it from anywhere, yet it is completely unbreakable and infinitely strong.
We are starting a new era. An era in which having a railway in the sky doesn’t mean having a line of blocks dividing your server in half. We think the Azure Sky Line is a magical, exhilarating way to discover the incredible Azure Ocean Cityscape, and a reminder that Team Forward is a place where visionary ideas become reality.

What do you think of this month’s updates? Anything you noticed or enjoyed that you think should he added? Leave a post below!

Thank you for being part of the server. Looking back at this month’s accomplishments, I couldn’t be more excited about the future!
Until next time! :)[/center]


I’d just like to add, If you are looking for news and updates for team forward, go to our sub forum at MGN listed above, as this thread is updated rarely.

#69 :slight_smile:


Check out the new TF website:


Introducing Team Forward’s YouTube Channel!

We’re proud to present the most successful server channel in Blockheads history: The Team Forward Channel!

With two awesome videos which have both attracted close to 1,000 views each, Team Forward is paving the way for servers to reach out and connect with the worldwide community in ways they never have before.

Check out our Showcase videos featuring the Tower of Dreams and the Tower of Destiny!

I’d also like to say thank you to Milla for sharing our world overview on the Official Blockheads Facebook Page! What an honour! :slight_smile:




Can any mod pls unban me , my ign is Tjyit01


You can appeal a ban over at our MGN Forum :slight_smile:



**Check out our latest Building Competition! **
It’s pretty epic! :D[/center]


Interesting that’s cool team forward!!
But I don’t get it how to get cool words I think.


But wow those building are so cool can join it
But our building is so ugly :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Good interesting building :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can you help me to build good in Space Force


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It’s ok. But team forwards is pretty awesome.

That’s building made by mama

Our server is pretty ugly.